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On my 8th week... do you just start the 12 week again ????

mannikaurRestart July 2020

Hey lovely people

I'm on my 8th week, didn't think I was doing too well but IndigoBlue61 restored my faith and I've lost inches considering I've had a ankle injury.

I was wondering do we just continue with what we doing? 12 weeks was to get us up and running... I must say its been good to be accountable to myself on paper?

What does everyone do after the 12 weeks would love to know

Thank you

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That's right, mannikaur, keep going just the way that you have! You can download the sheets again, if you wish, or make photocopies, or just record on a spreadsheet, or in a note book :)

Repeat until you reach your goal..

Well done on your inches...

mannikaurRestart July 2020 in reply to Minniewinny

thank you

jonuts2000Restart October 2020

I just stick with the principles but found using my fitness Pal was all I needed to keep me on track. Good luck with getting to the end and the onward journey.

mannikaurRestart July 2020 in reply to jonuts2000

i like to write it.. and continue to use my fitness pal

thank you

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