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Food and exercise diary 20/03/2017


Hi all, bit late but sharing yesterday's food diary, but unfortunately didn't take any photos!

Breakfast: 45g muesli with 150ml semi skimmed milk & blueberries (made 'overnight oats' style and it's lovely!)

Snack: Aldi be-light cheese and onion crisps

Lunch: Babyleaf salad with falafels and roasted peppers, courgette and tomatoes, plus an apple

Snack: Fruit and fibre cereal bar

Dinner: Quorn spaghetti bolognese with lots of hidden veg (grated carrot and courgette) and mushrooms

Snack: Aldi treat size Dreemy (like a Milky Way) these give me my chocolate fix for the day and then I don't crave it (only 75kcals)

Exercise: Yesterday I did my own quick abs-bums-arms workout because I was still feeling a bit sore from doing Bodyvive on Saturday, but I'm still pleased that I got in a 10 minute workout! Plus walking to and from work :)

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Shame about the photos, princessizzybee, but not to worry, there will be plenty of other days :)

Keep up the good work, you're doing well :)

AnnTandy1 stone

Sounds like I need to get to Aldi for some of those choccy bars - mind you, the rest sounds delicious also!