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Can't think of a title


Not sure what happened yesterday. I just craved food, pretty much from lunchtime onwards.

I employed all the techniques I've been using for the last 10+ weeks, such as drinking plenty (loads) of water, snacking healthily (fruit and a low cal houmous I made) but when I hit my daily calorie limit in the evening I just couldn't turn off. Slice of bread with jam, ham sandwich were the worst culprits and ended up topping my limit by 550 cals.

I didn't do hardly anything in the way of exercise and I've woken up feeling really weary (I'm guessing because of all the food).

I'm not terribly down as long as its just a one off but I've worried since day one that the whole new me is just a fragile facade that could easily fall away, for one reason or another.

This morning I've walked the dogs and upped my core strength exercises and am out of the door to go to work, so fingers crossed that was just a one off aberration, its just that I don't know where it came from or how to plan against another one.

Moan, moan, moan :) ... sorry all, have a good day. (I'm in a rush so probably heaps of grammar and spelling mistakes)

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George56Super Trier

Good morning and have a great day. Grammar is perfect😁 Focus on the positive. I often have hunger feeling in the evening! Sounds like you have not eat enough during the day.?? Or your activities are up. Please don't beat yourself up over this. Be happy with all you do. Good luck with your day ahead ☺ George 🤗

TiggerrHost in reply to George56

You've got a point George, although it may be an accumulation of days where I've had to work harder than normal and may not have adjusted my calorie intake accordingly.

Thank you for the kind sentiments, it means a lot.

George56Super Trier in reply to Tiggerr

You are welcome Emile & have a good settled evening. Soon be the weekend! What kind of dog have you got? We may just have a new one for a companion for Angus. He is called Buster. Same breed and only 2 yrs old.

TiggerrHost in reply to George56

A 5 yr old cross (not angry :) ) bull mastiff/dogue de bordeaux (he's the scardiest, loveable dog) not like anybody's normally preconceived ideas and a 16 month mostly old english sheep dog (he's a quarter bearded collie) who's as daft as a brush.

Maybe I'll post a picture one day.

We like our dogs to have companions if possible. Do you think Angus will be cool with Buster?

George56Super Trier in reply to Tiggerr

Oh! Yes the pair of them get on super. Angus had went quiet since losing our last dog. He had stopped playing with his toy's. Now we can not stop the play. Both out for the count!!!! Angus tried to escape today out doors in quiet country side. I think he is a bit daft & was running the wrong way!!! Buster is staying! ☺Nae Kellie pieces tonight noo!!!! 😚😇G

George56Super Trier in reply to George56

Jellie piece

TiggerrHost in reply to George56

When we got Denver (the OES) he really cheered up Humphrey (the bulldozer) who'd been pretty lonely after our St. Bernard had to be put down.

Similar stories.

Ceals3 stone

Tiggerr you forgot to mention your other tactic-coming on the forum! This is definitely the place to get the support to remind you, of what you already know, yesterday was a blip. I really hope you enjoyed the jam sandwich at the time and I doubt you will have another one today.

You have made a lifestyle change, you are not on a diet and you are enjoying it. Look to be adventurous with your food and have things to look forward to.

I am sure today and the next days will be great. Take care.

TiggerrHost in reply to Ceals

Thanks Ceals, its mid-afternoon now and I'm feeling more like my normal self (hungerwise) and that yesterday probably was a blip.

:) The jam sarny was a mixture of horror and enjoyment :O and it was my homemade cherry jam.

Everything does seem back on an even keel.

Thank you for your kind words.


It happens we all have binge days, mine was prob hormone related, I prob over ate by 1,000 cals, gave up contain, 4 mini bars Aldi choc, and a curry ( oh our was homemade).

As a maintainer it can be tough too, move on a new day, it happens to most of us

TiggerrHost in reply to Diana

Its good to know that even those maintaining have off days and perhaps I wont freak out so much if it happens again if I can convince myself, that is all it is. Its just this worry that I'm doing so well, this time, after so many times of failing, that this will just be another failed attempt.

Thank you Diana.

DianaMaintainer in reply to Tiggerr

It only really becomes an issue when it happens far too much, I gained 2lbs last month, had a cold and it's now off, thankfully!

Far too many nibble days, my jeans were too tight, and I felt like Nelly the Elephant! ( and yes I hear myself singing it too).

I do suffer with menopausal bloating too, finally managing it well, a while back I could gain up to 1/2stone, and it would last 20 days!

TiggerrHost in reply to Diana

I hear you plus I've now got Nelly the Elephant in my head and I can hear that too :)


I know what you mean about worrying this is the end, but it's not. You came on here and more importantly, got back on track the next day 😊 I also think if you were hungry you did right to nourish your body, and there are worse things than a sandwich!!

Keep the faith! You are doing great Tiggerr 😊

TiggerrHost in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thanks Anna and I'm beginning to think that you are correct and possibly I was only hungry. I've always believed in listening to one's body but panicked because I thought I was failing.

Keeping the faith Anna :)

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Tiggerr

Glad to hear it ☺☺☺

500 calories over really isn't a major disaster! You could either get back to your normal plan or cut your calories by 100 a day for 5 days if it really bothers you. Your calorie target is just that - a target. I bet there are plentry of days when you don't eat as many calories as you should and you don't beat yourself up about that.

You'll be fine.

TiggerrHost in reply to Grannynise

In the cold light of day and after reading all these responses, I know you're right Grannynise about everything you've written.

Deep breaths and on we go! Thank you.


Tiggerr I've been more or less following the NHS plan for almost a year and never experienced anything like last Thursday - I could not stop eating. Thankfully, we don't have any junk food in the house so I couldn't demolish a packet of biscuits/sweets/crisps - had they been available I might have. Next day back to normal - I can offer nothing in way of an explanation :(

TiggerrHost in reply to Mochta

Two 'maintainers' telling me the same thing, makes the ground under my feet feel a lot more solid than it did last night/this morning.

Thank you Mochta!

Morning Tiggerr

Seems like a wobbly day as a one off. You seem so in control most of the time. You told me " no sorry' s" on this site! Lol

I'm sure it will ok if it is one day. Everyone is behind you and hoping you have a great day today.

Keep calm 🤗

TiggerrHost in reply to Gemini64

'no sorry's'... lol (sounds a bit like 'do as I say not as I do') :) Made me chuckle and thanks for the support.

Forgot to say grammar was perfect 👌🏼

Don't spose I could have your recipe for houmous ? Lol

Have a good day 😊

TrimmerteacherCasserole Off Winner

It's interesting, isn't it, how after a splurge on carbs or just rubbish food, if we have been following a healthy way of life for a while, it now makes us feel tired, ill, lethargic and generally under the weather. It just shows how good for us it is, eating less of the bad stuff and more of the healthy things. Have a good day everyone. Mine's a fast day today so lots of sparkling water till teatime.

TiggerrHost in reply to Trimmerteacher

If my tiredness was related then 'yes, totally'. It was the first time in a while that I've struggled to get up, although additionally my brain wasn't in a happy bouncy place at the time either.

Good luck with the sparkly water, its clearly working for you and thank you for responding.

Oddly enough, I was about to come here and write about how yesterday was a super bad food day, but you've beaten me to it! It was a super emotional weekend, and I still can't shake off the feelings, so I've just been turning to old bad habits to numb it all. It sounds like yours probably just a one day thing, and you're already off to a positive start :) I hope today is a better day for you.

TiggerrHost in reply to CaptainRainbow

Wow, thank you for your kind wishes but how are you feeling now? Have you told those old bad habits where to go?

I hope you've managed to reset and write off yesterday. I hope that whatever has unsettled you doesn't define you in a negative way and that you can hold on to all the positive reasons why you started on this journey and not to forget how far you've come.

Good luck CaptainRainbow!

CaptainRainbow10 kg in reply to Tiggerr

Well, everything is feeling less intense. Still upset and angry, but nowhere near to the same extent. Gonna take a while to shake this one though :(

Trying to tell myself the bad habits (that feel good but aren't good) need to go, but it's not always easy. This has been quite a hit, but I know that my moral standpoint is sound, whether others agree with it or not.

Oh I didn't mean to make this all about me! How has your day been, I hope it has been a little better than yesterday? :)

TiggerrHost in reply to CaptainRainbow

If it helps destress and make managing your life a little easier then go right ahead. I truly believe in articulating feelings. I hope you can hang on to the person you were before the weekend.

My day today feels like all of the other days... so good thanks. Fingers crossed.

Trierisme1st 7lbs

"I've worried since day one that the whole new me is just a fragile facade that could easily fall away, for one reason or another."

"I employed all the techniques I've been using for the last 10+ weeks, such as drinking plenty (loads) of water, snacking healthily (fruit and a low cal houmous I made) but when I hit my daily calorie limit in the evening I just couldn't turn off"

Good morning Tiggerr..... my goodness, your thoughts echo mine ..... 'am I just kidding myself about this weight loss thing when I know, inside, that at some point, the "fragile facade" will break and lapse back to never never land ......... And your other thought, about using all your skills and helpful techniques and it still not helping you out of that pit....... my love I don't have answers for you or me, I wish I did.... but, what I do know is this; we are strong, fat stronger than we probably know.... we keep getting up, we keep on trying, it doesn't defeat us; just delays us a bit ! That's what makes us heroes ! Let that day go, as for the facade; you are trying your best now, plough ahead my love, lift your head take a deep breath and accept it happened, once, it may happen again but you will win, you are winning .... xxxxxx

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Trierisme

i love your reply Trierisme, Tiggerr you have just said what a lot of us feel. Trierisme is right, you are strong, you have done so well so far, you are back up on the wagon with us. Don't dwell on it move on and think back to the advice you have given all of us in the past when we have needed your support.

You can do this, you are doing this, keep looking forward:)

TiggerrHost in reply to lucigret

Thank you lucigret, I am moving on thanks to you and everyone else plus feeling way better.

TiggerrHost in reply to Trierisme

I can only echo lucigret 's comment, in that I love your reply. I think you're right, I'm feeling stronger now (a tadge wary maybe) but last night I didn't and wasn't sure this morning.

Having yours and everyone else's support here is incredibly empowering.

Don't sweat it! I had chips at the weekend. I had to. 'I never want to see another salad as long as I live!' I mumbled as I stuffed my face with them. But we're in it for the long haul and yesterday I got full very quickly and ended up eating less than I was allowed. Stay on the plan and you'll be fine.

TiggerrHost in reply to mayaena

Thanks mayaena. How's the cycling going? I haven't managed to keep to the cycling plan but I am getting out there.

mayaena5kg in reply to Tiggerr

I'm sticking to it, more or less. I don't pay huge attention to the detailed notes for each session but I am still going out when it says go out, and cycling for that length of time. I am a bit obsessed actually. Constantly looking at bike websites and imagining what new bike I could buy. This helps, even if I am turning into a cycling bore... ;) This weekend is a relatively easy one, then it's the 50k on the following weekend. I haven't managed to get to a club ride yet. It's a bit daunting to be honest.

TiggerrHost in reply to mayaena

That's brilliant, you've definitely opened up the gap between our levels of fitness. I think its good to have something to focus on, especially if its good for you.

Good luck with the 50k that'll be some achievement in such a short time.

Rays of sunshine and support to you, Tiggerr :)

We all have bad days. Remember it's just a slip and you can get back on track, which you seem to have already done with walking your dogs and those strength exercises this morning. Well done!

Perhaps you were stressed last night? Maybe you you could plan how to handle such a crisis next time when you feel like you don't want to stop eating? Some sort of a distraction like a hot shower, a bubble bath, a book or a walk in the park?

Another thought is that maybe you were actually that hungry yesterday and needed some extra food? Your system has been on a calorie deficit for a while now, so your body wanted enough calories at least for once maybe? ;)

TiggerrHost in reply to walle

Hi Walle,

As it happens you may also be correct. There are a couple of things that are preying on my mind at the moment (not losing weight though).

As you say possibly a perfect storm of the body maybe needing more nourishment and stress.

I just wish my body would discuss it with me first before making a unilateral decision :) . I am going to have some serious words with it.

Thank you for responding.

I just want to reply to all of you first... I'm truly overwhelmed at your responses, I'm sat here getting quite emotional.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I can't tell you how uplifting it is reading all your replies :) :) :)

Grannynise6lbs in reply to Tiggerr

That's what we're here for!

TrimmerteacherCasserole Off Winner in reply to Grannynise

Oh yes! 😊😊😊

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Tiggerr

Glad we could help you ☺☺☺

George56Super Trier in reply to Tiggerr

You are welcome!!!! Have a great evening and a good day tomorrow. G 🙂

Claz1 stone

Tiggerr i had the same sort of day yesterday.. i just couldnt stop eating and just wasnt satisfied and just wanted to eat .. i went to bed feeling disgusted with myself but my husband said 'its just 1 day and i wont let you quit.. just get back on it 2moro'.. so today ive been back to normal and been to the gym and feel a lot better about myself. I think just sometimes our bodies just take over and crave food at certain times of the month and we just cant control it.. glad your back to normal too today x

AnnTandy1 stone

Look at the overall picture - so you went over one day, if you eat well the other six days a week what's the most likely result? Overall you're doing really well, right? What's more, you've made a deliberate effort the next day to make up for your "slip". Some people eat bread and jam every day - you don't. Nothing fragile about your facade!

TiggerrHost in reply to AnnTandy

Thank you very much AnnTandy. 36 hours later it does appear to be just a blip. I pretty much sailed through yesterday and feel great today, already upped and completed my core strength exercises. I was just really worried that my worries had come true (if that makes any sense).

You're right, I think everything is good, though I'll probably stay quite wary and keep looking over my shoulder.


I think we all have days like that and we question ourselves to it. I'm sure its a one off because you seem like you are a determined person, I get this impression by the fact that you analyzed the day don't beat yourself up about one bad day. When I have had a day like that I have just made sure that the next day I keep on track. Good luck

TiggerrHost in reply to suige

Thanks suige, another great positive response which adds to my resolve and helps me to realise that I appear to have got stressed out for nothing.

The other upside is that it gave me a kick in the rear and helped me refocus on my core strength exercises that I need to but which had started to slide a bit.

I'm already happy today and raring to go. Have a good day!



2stoneupRestart April 2020

I had the same thing yesterday. Just couldn't stop eating. Maybe hormones or the fact I'm off work for a couple of weeks. My worst culprits were a bacon sandwich and quality street strawberry cremes. Mmmm... But it won't happen again. Hopefully. Also wasn't allowed to exercise yesterday which just made it all worse.

Back on it today. We'll get there! Off days are OK. They haven't undone everything we've achieved!

TiggerrHost in reply to 2stoneup

You sound really positive 1stoneup. I like your attitude.

Good luck!

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