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Hunger Day tomorrow


Tomorrow's Friday (hurray) and on Friday I do my version of the 5:2 diet (I call it my "hunger day"). Except I don't reduce my intake to 500 calories, I don't eat anything. I drink my tea in the morning (with milk, so it's not really zero calories) and I let myself have a cup of coffee in the afternoon if my thoughts won't stop circulating around food. But that's it. The usual walk/jog first thing in the morning, but an extra walk at lunch time when everyone goes off to the canteen. And in the evening I walk all the way home from work (9 km). The next day I can weigh up to 2 kg less - and, yes I know most of its water, but not all of it and it is motivating to see the scales drop. As long as I'm going down week on week it's fine by me!

And I tell you, breakfast on Saturday is the most tasty meal of the week. Saturday's generally good, because I have to eat well. I don't want my metabolism to think I'm starving, so I tend to go over my limit. Thursday is similar (lulls my metabolism into a false sense of security).

Because it's just one day a week it's not actually that difficult. I can keep my willpower going for one day. And because it's Friday I can look forward to the weekend. Most people leave work earlier on a Friday as well, so I can set off on the long march home at a reasonable time. And the walk is brilliant too - it's like a cushion between work and weekend, I can think things through, get out of work mode and start to enjoy the freedom of 2 days off. So all in all it's almost enjoyable and I feel like a right "self righteous prig" when I go to bed on Friday night, knowing the scales are going to be good to me the next day.

However, Thursday evening is another matter - no food for me tomorrow is a bit depressing. 😬 But think of the benefits 🤔😎👍

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That's a great plan. I can see it would work. Might give it a go myself.


The benefits of fasting are being proved more and more, so well done ! I couldn't fast for the life of me, I just get too hungry by lunchtime !! The walk after work sounds like my kind of thing though :-)

I do a similar thing but can't eat nothing but I drastically reduce my food once or twice a week. I tend to do this if I've gained any weight due to a bit of a blow out or the odd treat so that it doesn't affect me in the long term. It always works for me and confirms my belief that weighing daily works if you use it to,keep in control or to motivate.


I have found myself eating significantly less through certain days often if I've had a very big meal/booze the night before. I'm not really hungry and it doesn't seem to stop me functioning; which is part of my problem with 5:2 which really didn't work for me.

I might see if I can do something like this! Thanks!

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi JaySeeSkinny,

Hope you're having a good Friday so far. :-)

Lowcal :-)

JaySeeSkinny in reply to Zest

So far so good - the challenge is the evening. But at that stage I normally think it would be a pity to ruin all my good work and stuck it out! Thanks for asking!

What other day you fast apart from Friday?

JaySeeSkinny in reply to Irmaz

Just the Friday. It's my own 6:1 diet! Couldn't face 2 days in one week and I'm not slavish with the Friday. For instance next Friday everyone in my department is going out for a 4-course meal. So I won't be fasting that day. I need to live - if the weight loss takes longer, so be it. I've got the rest of my life to get it sorted!

Sounds like you have a good plan going, I have to admit the best and quickest way I found to lose weight was 5:2 diet - I currently do a mix of lower calorie intake two days a week then moderate (my recommended intake) the other five days. Good luck to you - keep up the good work!

Good for you. We are all different and you know your body better than anyone else so if it works then go for it.

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