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Fresh start


Hey, just signed up today although I've been trying to improve my diet and lose weight for about a week now. I've given up drugs, alcohol and destructive relationships, and I want to complete my success by returning to a healthy weight and living a nourishing lifestyle. I'm hoping to chat to others in order to feel inspired and to support as well as to be supported by others. I need to lose 2st 6lbs to return to my health weight range, which I want to do at a steady rate. My biggest struggle is feeling motivated to cook as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which makes my knees very painful. I feel that with emotional support I can battle this illness and my weight to live a healthier, happier life.

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Hi and welcome OzzbourneHoz :)

Take a look at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), read the Welcome Newbie thread, then move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you :)

Move down to the Topics, to find a variety of threads, collated into specific topics for ease of access and we ask that you also 'file' your own threads, so that others won't miss your important news :)

Take a look at the 12 week plan, as a lot of people have been successful with it, making sure to enter your details into the BMI calculator, to get a calorie allowance tailored to your personal requirements. Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate :)

We run daily weigh-in's and you'd be very welcome to join us. The threads can always be found in the Events section, to the right of the home page, bottom on a mobile.

We've found that to get the best out of this community, we need to be active on the forum, as it's where we exchange information, get motivation and inspiration and make friends. We hope that you'll join us here, regularly, too :)

It's only left for me to wish you well on your journey :)

Could I have a newbie badge please? Thank you :-)

morelessAdministrator in reply to OzzbourneHoz

You certainly can :)

Thank you :-)

Hi Ozz good for you We all get messed up but you've already changed your life and turned round So well done Having R A when you are young is tough I am a physio so hope you are getting all the support you need to deal with that illness You will do well on here Good luck

Thank you, that's really kind of you to say :-) My support system for my RA could be better, but to be fair I have a habit of not utilising my support systems, so I'm trying to get better with that. Good luck on your journey too :-)


Hello and best of luck to you.

OzzbourneHoz in reply to Hidden

Hey, thank you - you too

Hidden in reply to OzzbourneHoz

Thanks a lot. :)

George56Super Trier

I'm new to. I wish you success in this year. A new you. Good luck to you and your journey. Health & Happiness for you I'm sure.🐣 G56

Thank you - you too :-)


Hello, as you have given up three things which are probably even more addictive than junk food, I am sure that you will succeed in shifting your surplus weight this year. You obviously have a lot of determination. I think you can lost 2stone 6lbs well before the end of the year, maybe even by the end of the summer, so it's really worth going for it.

Good luck!

OzzbourneHoz in reply to Hidden

Thank you! I don't know...I've been feeling like it's the hardest thing I've ever had to give up, I think because with everything else you can just stop it all together, but you have to eat food so I still have to have the thing I find hard to control and behave myself! I'm hoping that if I can lose 2lbs a week I can be in my healthy weight range by early june - so here's hoping! Good luck on your journey and thank you for your kind words of encouragement :-)


Hello and welcome OzzbourneHoz 😊 You have had a lovely welcome from this friendly forum 😊

All I can add is your brain is your best ally! As a psychology student you will know that but it is so true. There is lots of literature out there about mindset and weight loss, do some reading, check out the 'topics' section on here, and use your psychology training to help you 😊

Best wishes


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