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Totally lost my way. A fresh start


I've been absent from this forum for quite a while and have totally lost my way.Today I've made a decision to come back to the NHS weight loss programme. I'm currently battling terrible leg oedema, which is under investigation by my GP and awful gastric problems. I think I've gained quite a bit of weight as well :(

I'm in need of a lot of help. I now need to figure out when my old weigh in day was.

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13ValerieHealthy BMI

Welcome back ali it's great to see you here again.

You can weigh any day you don't have to go back to the day you used to weigh. So do whatever suits you best.

Accept blips along the way.

Never give up on yourself.

You're worth it.

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Thanks. I've worked out I was part of the Think Thin Thursday squad. It suits me to stick to that as I work nights Thursday to Thursday. I've got to get myself organised again. I felt so much better months ago. It'll be good to catch up with everybody again.


Hello Hidden and a big welcome back :)

You use to weigh in on a Thursday so you could wait til then or you could jump ship to Friday and get going today. I think you know your way around; just refer to the Newbie Club or FAQs if you've forgotten anything.

I'd say take yourself back to where you started, set yourself reasonable goals, come her every day and join in like you used to. And take care of yourself :)


Welcome back. It sounds like you’re having a pretty miserable time of it at the moment but I’m sure that losing weight will help. Has your gp/dietician given you any advice about what to eat to help with your gastric problems? 🤔

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It's always the way isn't it how it all goes wrong at the same time!


Hello Aliparsnips and welcome back 😊. Please have a good read of the links BridgeGirl has given you, a few things ma6 have changed.

If you have leg oedema I wouldn’t weigh just yet as it won’t be accurate, fluid weighs loads!!

Good luck with eating healthily, I’ve swapped your badge for a restart one and will update the weight loss when we have an accurate figure.

What advice did the GP give you regarding food? Personally I am convinced of the link between too much sugar/starchy carbs and inflammation/fluid retention. Gastric problems may or may not be related but I’m sure they would benefit from sensible eating. Do you know what foods set it off? Do you have an eating plan organised for the weekend?

Wishing you good health and weight loss

Indigo 😊


Hi Aliparsnips. That's great you have found your way, again. I am in my 6th Week on here and I feel so much better about everything because of the friendship and support.

I don't know what type of gastric problems you are suffering, but I have found that cutting out all the "junk"and processed foods has actually cured my Irritable Bowel..... I only realised that as I read your post !

Good Luck.🍀

Hi Hidden

Welcome back, and I'd like to wish you the very best with your goals.

Zest :-)


Welcome back!


Welcome back. I too have restarted today. I hope you get help from your GP in regards to your leg. Take care and have a good week.😊

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