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Dreading the Monday weigh in!

Morgancando1st 7lbs

Hi all. Just packing after a lovely weeks holiday in whitby and already worried about getting on the scales on Monday. I've a feeling I've put on at least a couple of pounds. Done so much walking though so hope that's compensated for all the treats. You just cannot come to a place like this without succumbing to fish and chips, pie and mash and so many other local delicacies on offer!! We also treated ourselves last night to a very special meal in a very expensive Fish restaurant to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. Wonderful!!

Really hope I haven't done too much damage. Now for a 4 hour drive back home. Setting off early to hopefully avoid the traffic.

Oh well back to reality.

Hope you all have a good weekend. See you on Monday!

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Itsbab4 stone

Glad you had a lovely holiday. 😊 Whitby is a place I have spent so many happy hours there. Did you go in the Magpie? Always wanted to go there, may treat ourselves next time. So what if you have put a pound or two on you have had a lovely time plus up all those inclines are bound to have helped the exercise. Happy 45th Anniversary good luck on Monday for weigh in. Bev 👍

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Itsbab

Thanks Bev. Not really too worried about Mondays weigh in after so many encouraging posts from all my friends on here. I know I can get back to healthy eating now we're home.

And yes did eat at The Magpie. Had to queue for an hour outside just to get through the door but it was so worth it. You've got to go next time you're in Whitby.

Hope you're having a good weekend. X

Itsbab4 stone in reply to Morgancando

I will definately go when we have a weekend away there again, every time we see the queue it's massive may have to visit around November time, maybe quieter then.

I'm new to the group, but part of a lifestyle change is allowing treats and enjoying them, but as it suggests knowing when to not make a treat a habit. Glad you had a lovely holiday, have a safe journey home and fingers crossed Monday's weigh in isn't too bad 😊

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Kirstiexx

You're right! Life is for living. On previous diets when I've fallen off the wagon I've just given up and eaten myself silly, but not any more. This is a new way of eating to stay healthy and with so much support on here the word "diet" is a thing of the past. "Diets make you fat"

Best of luck to you as you start on your weight loss journey. X


Pleased you've had a good holiday and enjoyed your anniversary celebration. Have a good and safe journey home, and don't worry about Monday, no point, you will get back on track 😊

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Caz28

Thanks Caz. Home now and ready to continue with my new way of eating. I keep looking at the scales though but determined not to step on them till Monday.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. X


How dare you Cath Morgan. How very dare you have an actual life, and holiday, and birthdays and weddings etc. It's just pathetic.....

Or, why not have your life. Aim to lose just 1lb a week and have 4 weeks off a year for such celebrations. That way you can lose, quite safely, 48lbs a year and that is no mean feat.

We all have our lives and the thought of going on holiday or to a celebration with friends and not having an ice-cream or fish n chips would be just awful. You are allowed a life. See where you are Monday, re-draw that line in the sand and get back on track.

I hope you had a wonderful breag.

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the reply. You're so right, we do all have occasions to celebrate so what's the point of depriving ourselves and then feeling guilty. How boring that would be.

I've had a great week so even if I have gained I can get back on track now with lovely memories to keep me going until the next celebration. Hope you're having a good weekend. X

Hi Morgancando 😀I'm so happy you've had a lovely weeks holiday ⛱ don't worry about the number on the scales it is after all only a number !!! Life is for living and enjoying your holiday and your anniversary is a great excuse to put on a few lb. You'll soon loose them and you may even be pleasantly surprised with all your walking it may not be as bad as you fear 😉 take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Claire2stone

Thank you Clair2stone. Yes I've had a lovely week with a lot of overindulging but also a lot of walking too. But I'm home now and feel motivated to carry on with the plan after all the wonderful support from my new friends on here.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. X


I can see where you're coming from but maybe this is not bad, really. Yes, you might have put on weight but did you really enjoy your holiday? And it was a very special anniversary so I do think there are times when we can just put our healthy eating plan in the box for a few days, with the intention of very much getting back into healthy eating when you get back. It's not like you haven't done any exercise either, you've stated you have done lots of walking so that will have helped. :)

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Hidden

Yes it was a very special occassion. Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement.

Not feeling so bad about Mondays weigh in now.

Hope you're having a good weekend. X

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Cath,

To be honest, it's very normal to put on weight after a holiday, so whatever happens on the scales on Monday, don't let it put you off! Just go with the flow, and it will be as it will be. :-)

Have a safe journey home, and I hope you've had a wonderful holiday in Whitby.

Look forward to catching up with you on Monday!

Lowcal :-)

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Zest

Thank you Lowcal. It's funny but I feel like I'm waiting for exam results now instead of a weigh in on Monday. I'm secretly hoping to at least stayed the same after so much walking up hill and down dale even it was only from one eatery to another, but we'll see!!!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. See you Monday. X

Good luck with Mondays weigh in .

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to gman1961

Thank you gman. You too. X

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