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Anyone one here suffer with gastritis?

Struggling with what foods to eat that won't affect my stomach. Nothing really has yet except Orange cordial however have been in lots of pain thus week and doctors say it was my lasagne (which have had previously with no reaction!) Looking for something different mainly having fruit and veggie stuff at min as not brave enough to tackle other foods.

Any ideas appreciated

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I have had a few years of gastritis and related complaints :( so lots of sympathy from me! I've been advised to cut out wheat and dairy and it really made a difference. I'm slowly reintroducing wheat now for gluten intolerance testing and all the symptoms are coming back. So I really believe that cutting those things out did help. I've also cut down on alcohol and generally reduced meal sizes - I was overloading my stomach before which was part of the problem as well as what I was overloading it with.

I would also recommend:

Herbal teas containing fennel


Roast veg/stir fry

Avoiding too much tomato sauce in things

Soups, stews, daal etc

Anything with chickpeas, hummus etc

Rice, rice noodles, buckwheat, polenta, oats, oatcakes

Neutral spicing (spice for flavour rather than heat)

Yogurt (e.g. Total or own brand greek yogurt)

The last one might seem weird coming from someone who's cut out dairy. But when my gastritis was at its worst I was having a spoonful of greek yogurt every morning before eating anything else, which seemed to sort of settle everything down after painful overnight acid reflux. So it really helped me at the time. I'm thinking of trying to reintroduce yogurt as my next step.

Just keep experimenting and good luck. Keep your doctor informed of any dietary changes if you choose to cut anything out. It will help them to help you better if they've got these things on your record. Good luck :)

Thanks will try some of those unfortunately my doctors aren't being helpful at all to the stage where I feel I am on my own with this so willing to try anything. Just want it to recover!

Ruth_canal_runner1lb in reply to Anji23

I didn't get much constructive advice about diet in the beginning, just pills which made me put on a lot of weight. I finally got good advice after being referred to a gynaecologist, which seemed a bit random, but I guess everything's connected. I would say to keep asking different doctors, keep a diary of symptoms, triggers, and keep trying different things til you work out what's right for you :)

At this moment I would speak to anyone lol. I seem to have pain and feel sick again no matter what I eat. just seem to be back where i was six weeks ago. Just been told i gave to wait another six weeks to see my consultant which shoukd have been next week.

Rather plain diet starting tomorrow can't really cut much else out or I'll not be eating. Thanks for the help everyone I'm taking it all on board Just wishing things would settle down quickly

for me it was white bread only store bought stuff tho, homemade is fine, for my mum its brown bread lol I think keep with stuff you know is ok then experiment with foods - it think less processed food is better for your stomach - at least that seems to be working better for me

also mine was also due to my weight and portion sizes

I know I need to loose weight which I am hoping will help just frustrated that I cant exercise at the moment due to too much pain

hydrogirl in reply to Anji23

don't worry about exercise - I lost 21lbs b4 xmas without any exercise (due to an injury)

can you do some stretches or yoga type stuff without pain? as long as it doesn't cause you any pain

Hi sorry to hear that :( Are you taking any PPI medication? I take omeprazole because I also take aspirin daily and NSAIDs. But without it I am even more restricted.

I, like you have to focus on foods that are less likely to activate stomach acid etc. Fat even in tiny bits is a terror. I used to have loads of not eats and it has taken me nearly 15 years of clean eating and various medications to control IBS and gastric over activity.

You have to think clean foods, you should be OK with chicken but as for simple carbs, i carried on consuming them in moderation and it was only when i cut out all bread, grains, seeds, nuts, rice, pasta, potato nearly 4 weeks ago that the terrible, constant little animal gnawing in my stomach actually went away. Nuts seeds and high fibre have always been out because of diverticular disease, I knew pots and bread gave me terrible heartburn so limited those, but never excluded the pasta or rice, until now.

They are all off except for little treats now and then. Same goes for alcohol unless its medicinal or as a toast.

I have upped my fish to 5 times a week minimum to get good oils and protein, steak and pork limited to 3 times. Also read an article on Gelatine, so now eat sugar free jellies as snacks. I am now able to eat eggs which up to about 5 years ago I was actually allergic to, I have gradually increased back to being able to eat them. the allergy and other health problems were as a direct result of a diet I was on 15 years ago, doctor diagnosed and many tests later. They said the allergies and stomach problems would decrease, its taken til now.

Lots of veg (no salad, especially tomatoes), small amounts, always only one third protein. I can't eat diary either although I love cheese, really gets the gut swelling up and feeds that little gremlin gnawing away. I struggle with legumes unless they are blended as a base for something, again sad because they used to be my core diet in home made soups in days of yore.

I can have vinegar, for some reason, it has always helped, no idea why but it means I have lots of pickles and things to play with along with proper ground spices in moderation.

I love chunks of chicken breast baked with tandoori spices. Mix in a plastic bag with about a teaspoon of rapeseed or other oil, empty onto tin foil on a flat tray, cook at the top of the oven to get that chicken piping hot fast for about 25 min then put to the middle until the veg is cooked. At the same time put whole carrots and whatever other veg you like in the oven whole (I can't eat sweet peppers either). It's just tasty and the veg are yummy when you open the skin yourself on your plate. Because you are not peeling them there is no need to add any oil. I would had some wilted spinach to this.

Good luck :)

Keep smiling

Daft dance

Eat Jelly ;)

Anji23 in reply to TheHud

I am on omeprazole and Paracetamol apparently that is all the pain relief I am allowed !

The bit that has confused me is that just over a week ago food didn't really seem to be much of an issue everything really was going down ok. Had a lot of pain on Monday and now everything seems to have gone up the swanny !.

I Have tried yogurt and toast this morning, I had started making home made veg soup as I thought that would go down ok and help with my weight , but it didn't go down well on Tuesday may try it again today.

Thanks for all the tips will try them and see how I go on

TheHud in reply to Anji23

I had reached critical in every way. I just decided it was now or never, total exclusion of anything and everything that may make things fire off. There is some significant critics on here about low cal, low fat, no simple carb diets but I have been pleasantly surprised by the effect of all the stuff I have cut out. Today is day 26 and I am modyfing the diet, wish i had not. I have been eating jelly and fruit for breki and the odd boiled egg, today i had a healthy green banana mashed with a 0 fat activia vanilla yogurt. First I am actually hungry for the first time in weeks and my tummy is gripping. No more green bananas and yogurt for me. As long as i have the omeprazole i can eat banana, it was off the menu for many years, but I am going back to ripe ones and jelly.


I feel I am just going to throw in the odd thing every now and then, but no nuts, seeds, bread or as someone on here said plants that are members of the deadly nightshade group. Potatoes are in there too so apart from the odd stolen chip, they are gone permanently. I do not want to go back to not being able to bend because of the permanent pain and acid reflux, or to lying in bed thinking this pain is so bad if i had not had it for years I would be convinced it was something life threatening.

I take NSAIDS because i have inflammatory arthritis and frankly have to risk the tummy thing or not function. I have nerve damage too and take pregablin (Lyrica), a side effect of that medication was an easement in the stomach pain and weight gain. The aspirin is because approx 15 years ago I had a blood clot attack both optic nerves.

Egg was so bad that anything that had any contact with it was out. I can eat them now in moderation.

You just have to exclude, right back, the benefit outweigh the lack of food groups plus I have lost a stone already and not 4 weeks yet ;)

Hi Anji23,

I can't really add anything to all the really great responses you've had. But I did want to say 'Welcome' to the forum, and I really hope you'll enjoy being part of this great community. Here's a link to the Welcome Newbie thread, which Moreless has put together, and it tells you more about things that are happening currently in the forum and also mentions things people enjoy about being part of it:

Wishing you a great weekend and hope to see you around and about in the forum.

Lowcal :-)

I have suffered from Acid- Reflux. It occured shortly after the loss of my mother 10 yrs . ago due to over loading my stomach by comfort eating. Since my weight loss this has considerably subsided I don't take anything for it now as it doesn't bother me. I also have a teaspoonful of cinnamon on my porridge or cereal every day . Cinnamon is a great healer for lots of ailments. I read an article on this spice and it amazed me. I highly recommend cinnamon if you like it.

Working out which foods are a problem can be difficult. Keeping a food diary can be useful.

Perhaps have a look at the FODMAPS diet, it details various foods that may be problematic and explains why they may affect you. Intolerances can also change over time. Try to make sure you have some protein to eat, it is very unusual to have a problem with meat

Did you doctor explain why he thought the lasagna had affected you?

Anji23 in reply to Penel

Thought it would have been the tomatoes

Penel in reply to Anji23

If tomatoes are a problem, then aubergines, peppers and white potatoes may also be a problem as they are in the same 'family'.

Taking some good quality probiotics may help your insides.

Anji23 in reply to Penel

Was going to try sweet potatoe tomorrow and see if that goes down ok ! Thanks


My (slim and healthy) daughter really suffers with this 😞 Soooo painful and just horrid, no idea what triggers it as its different things - Chinese food but not curries, ice cream but not milk. Etc etc currently keeping a food diary before return visit to GP who thankfully is great 😕

Most medical opinion is healthy low fat eating should sort it - hope you get some more advice 😊

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