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New Start


I have over the years tried every diet known to man with no lasting results as the lost weight always piled back on and more. So here I am 47 years old trying to make some changes to my lifestyle to enable longer lasting results and a healthier life style. These are not changes I haven't made before, Healthy diet, exercise etc, but this time I have to keep in mind that I can not continue to yo yo any more as inevitably it will cause more harm than good.... So I sit here day 3 into my new life, taking on board the healthier food choices and starting the couch to 5k running challenge provided by the NHS website.....

I can only try and stay positive in the notion that this will be forever.....But I look for help and encouragement in all my endeavours and find none..... Not even in slimming clubs....

So here I am posting in this community and looking towards the future with this new start in my head and heart...... Good luck to anyone on a similar journey to mine and I wish you all the success.... Know that you are not alone.....xx

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Hi spursgal

I started the same journey with this forum just over 5 weeks ago and have found it to be very supportive and motivating. There are some amazing people on here who give freely of their time to fellow travellers. I wish you every success on your journey.

spursgal in reply to Hidden

Thank you Mimsta, I appreciate your comment. How have you done so far? Have you managed to find an exercise that you enjoy ? X

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Hi spursgal

I have lost over 9 lbs in the first 5 weeks which is well on the way to my 2 stone goal loss. I started with walking and recording steps using an app on my phone myfitnesspal. After the first week I got a Fitbit which has been a great motivator to get more active and log all my food and drink intake. I also now enjoy my exercise bike which had been idle for a couple of years. I stick to 1400 calories but usually burn over 2000 in the day which makes a calorie deficit which has helped the weight loss. I haven't tried jogging yet but who knows now.

I understand needing to have your head and heart in the right place before you start, but you have started now with a new way of life. All the best

spursgal in reply to Hidden

Wow Mimsta thats a great start to the rest of your life.... Well done to you.....Keep up all that good work.... I am sticking to 1400 calories at the moment and introducing exercise again to my life...Trying to do it differently and not go all guns blazing which is my normal (and obviously fails) but am taking it steady and increasing gradually according to the structure of the plan... So here goes....xx

Hi Spursgal,

Welcome to the forum, and I really hope you'll enjoy being part of our community. It's good that you're looking forward to a new start, and hopefully you'll find plenty of encouragement here, as people are very friendly and supportive.

I would recommend looking at the NHS 12 week plan, as it's a good supportive structure and has lots of information:

Also, one of our members (Moreless - who is a fantastic person in my opinion), has put together this Welcome Newbie pack:

There's a lot to read there, and various links within the thread to things that different people have enjoyed about the forum. Definitely worth a read.

If you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in, then have a look at the 'Monday Group weigh-in' post, it's in the 'Events' section (situated on the right-hand-side of the homepage). It's really well attended and the weekly stats show what great progress people are making.

Anyway, just join in anything that you fancy, and I'd encourage you to post and interact with people - that's the best way to find your way around and enjoy things.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

spursgal in reply to Zest

Thank you Lowcal, your help and guidance are greatly appreciated. I will try to get to grips with the site. Not the best on a computer, but am trying hard, just as with everything in life..haha


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HI Spursgal,

I'm sure it will get better as you get to grips with the site. Don't hesitate to ask if you get stuck or aren's sure what to do.

Lowcal :-)


Hi and welcome spursgal :)

Mimsta and Lowcal have given you a great welcome and some good links. I'll just give you the link to the most recent Around the World in 80 days thread

You will never be alone on your journey, now that you've joined this fantastic forum.

All the very best to you :)

spursgal in reply to moreless

Hi Moreless,

Thanks for your welcome too. I have been inspired by some of the comments on here as when your alone with it, you begin to think your the only one in the world with the problem, but it appears my journey is now shared by many and I am so glad to have found this.. The NHS are great for providing me with this window of opportunity xx

This forum is great for motivation and encouragement. There are so many people on the weight-loss journey, some just starting, some nearly finished, some having lost huge amounts of weight (5 stone!). Scattered all over the world, if the Brits are asleep, the Aussies are awake, so there's usually someone around. Just come and post your successes, failures, thoughts, ideas, recipes or whatever. We'll be there egging you on!

Thank you Jay,

It sounds like I have come to the right place.


P.S. If you're doing the C25K there's a great forum for that as well !

Thank you, where do I find the forum ??

I'd send you a link if I knew how! If you put C25k in the "Search Health Unlocked" field at the top of the page it should call it up. Then you can join and see all the mad runners

Zest in reply to spursgal

Welcome. Just join in with us all. We have highs and lows together.

spursgal in reply to Aqua_marine

Thank you aquamarine, the response to my post has been phenomenal and I am already grateful for the inspiring words of others xx

Hi, I too have been yo young for years and each time I put it all back on and more! I do find healthy eating and excerxise works, I also know it needs to be a lifestyle but I find it so hard to keep on it all the time.

Anyway, I completed week one yesterday, really enjoyed it and have started running again, feel great and lost around 5lb. Finding it so easy to count and track my calaries which I haven't done before as I generally follow weight watchers and I'm starting to think that maybe this is a better way for me rather than counting points or eating "free foods" as I am more aware of just how many calaries I have been co summing even when I thought I was choosing healthy.

I too live in hope that I can finally find a way to lose weight for good!

Good luck

spursgal in reply to Lm1919

Hi LM,

Well done for completing your first week and for your loss of 5lb !!!!! thats a great start, so good luck in keeping it up..... Exercise and a healthy diet are really the only ways to maintain or lose weight and health, it is simple in its context..... So why does our brain not compute this ??? This seems to be at the bottom of all my problems....

I like you am following the calorie controlled healthy eating plan provided by the NHS this time to try and see if I can train my brain... 'Free Food' allowances just give me false security, because I find my little brain thinks that is good portion control and it just isnt...

Keep Going LM and good luck.... I hope to hear of all the success stories and be inspired that this is the right choice for me xx

Hi spursgirl, your post could have been written by me! I've been a yo yo dieter most of my adult life. I'm really hoping, this time I can change my eating habits/ lifestyle for good! I remember my doctor telling me years ago that the extra weight wouldn't bother me until I got older ( health wise ) and he was right! Being 5ft 10 I've never looked obese! But my BMI says I am! :( plus being told I'm borderline diabetic! So I've about 3 stone to lose and I'm gonna DO It! Good luck to you too :)

spursgal in reply to Jesterpuss1

Hi Jesterpuss, being 5'8 I have never looked obese either but like you my BMI always sat over 33, I lost 4 and a half stone over two years and have managed to keep it off with a healthy diet and exercise, then life happened and I didnt know how to deal with stuff and comfort ate, but I thought I wasnt comfort eating, then found I had put on nearly two stone again.... I like you am gonna do it !!! But I need to find the answer to keeping it that way, it all has to be in the mind right ?? Good luck to you to Jesterpuss, it appears we are on a very similar journey... xx

Jesterpuss1 in reply to spursgal

Yes we do seem to be on a similar journey! But I want it bad enough this time!! Good luck and keep in touch xx


Good luck. I've found the gang here better for me than the slimming club scene - there's always someone "out there" to chat. Reading other people's top tips and trials and tribulations is really useful and it's nice to sometimes think you've helped someone else out too.

Mostly usefully for me, the pressure's off! Anonymity has major advantages when the week has been a bit of a write off! I just scrupulously log my weight on the Monday weigh in thread and then get on with the week.

This time round, with the nice people here, I am doing this for ME and absolutely not to impress some group leader person! Really helps me just focus on cutting down a bit, and getting on with my life - all feels a lot more sustainable - even enjoyable as I like popping on here once a day to see / read / chip in etc.

I've lost nearly 1 and half stone now, half to go approx. My clothes are fitting nicely, I've got a bit of bounce and energy back, I don't feel blobby, I feel happier - I owe a lot of people I don't know at all a big thank you!

Good luck to you - I hope it works for you too!!


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