Around the world in 80 days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Thursday 11 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Thursday 11 February (Part 1)

Dear Travellers,

Thank you for your congratulations and well wishes. I love the name Little Miss Fizz :D :D

You'll be pleased to know the steamer has had to go on a different route to get to US. Our first stop is Guam - looks alright to me! Activities include spin class, yoga, snorkelling, crab racing, beach volleyball and building sandcastles.

Happy Travels everyone :D :D :D

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59 Replies

  • Afternoon all, only managed to do 11,356 steps today. Lovely weather having.

    Karen xxx

  • There's no only about that Karen, that's a great number of steps! :)

  • Ooh moreless liking your new tag 😜


  • Thanks Flossie :)

  • hi Karen you ONLY managed to do 11,356 steps today a big well done i wish i was like you that could do that many wow Alan xx

  • I'm assuming you're still on cloud 9 Liz and rightly so. You may even be out there buying all sorts of things in preparation for Little Miss Fizz :)

    I'm on cloud 9 in Guam! It looks absolutely stunning and a perfect location for rest and recuperation.

    I've had Colin (my crab) in training for the crab races and I'm pretty sure he's going to be a winner.

    I've been busy with my bucket and spade too and have managed to build a life size model of Balmoral Castle! ;) That's pretty good for an afternoon's work, eh? :D

    My total for today is 8.68K's, but had to stop there, as it was a bit sore on the old knees.

    Hopefully I'll manage more tomorrow :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Well done for doing those kms despite your sore knees. Hope they recover really soon.

    I'll be back later to report my kms, as might be able to do a few more steps this evening. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, it's baby steps at the mo :)

    I'm sure you'll be back with some fab totals as usual :)

  • I think you should stand down Colin - you need to manage his expectations :D My crab, Clemmy won last year race for the whole of Guam and was the runner-up for the regionals :D :D

  • Oh no! Colin is going to give Clemmy a run for his money, he's the up-and-coming contender for the title. Clemmy's had his day and he's past it now! :D

  • I like your new avatar, it is very stylish. How are the bruises from yesterday?

  • Thanks LtL, just fancied a change :) Very black! :D

  • I'm very impressed with your Ks today moreless after yesterday's flying stunts ! I'd have been nursing my bruises on the sofa all day !!

  • I was concerned I may never be able to move again! You would not believe the parts of me that ache! :D

  • Hi, I would love to play beach Volleyball. My kms for 11th Feb are 2.52.

  • We're just waiting for enough travellers to make up the teams Marianne :)

    Thanks for your K's :)

  • Thank you moreless. Hope you are not too stiff and feeling ok today.

  • I'm feeling much better today thanks Marianne :)

  • Brilliant...

  • Ha, ha I thought WE were the crabs! Sometimes I feel like one. 12.1 k today, settling in at around that amount each day. Should be more tomorrow. Enjoyed snorkeling today, but swallowed too much salt-water - saw a huge shark like thing in the water. Put probably only my imagination. And hurt my shoulder with the volleyball - my I am crabby today. 😈

  • A spot of yoga will sort out your yin and yang JC :)

    That's a great number to be settling in at :)

  • Hi Lizzy

    6500 for me today - can you tell the sun has been shining?!


  • I think you've got a tan Runningsoon! ;)

    Great steps! :)

  • Guam looks lovely and all those activities sound great!

    Today, I decided to take it easy, just 17.31kms for me (it only seems a short while ago that would have defeated me - and now it is a rest day, lol)!

  • It's amazing how you've progressed LtL :)

    Fantastic number for a rest day! :)

  • 9759 steps 7.4km

  • Well done bd :)

  • Today 12.7km 😃 So happy, hope to be back on track soon


  • Woohoo Flossie!! Wtg you! I'm so pleased you're feeling so much better! :)

  • 8,956 steps today. Not too sure where I would find Guam on the map - it's all very educational here!

  • If you google Guam Saga, you can get maps that show you where it is :)

    Well done for your steps :)

  • 10:2km :)

  • Great number Cazmaz :)

  • 6.5 km on crosstrainer only

  • Fantastic Aqua :)

  • Well, I'm still totally exhausted from Idris rubbing all that coconut oil into my back yesterday- so i gave myself the day off today : )

    P.S. Lizzy - I'm so happy for your news : )

  • That must have been very tiring for you Marmite :-)

  • exhausting batty

  • LOL MR! :D :D :D

  • Ah what a lovely day on a tropical island :-)

    Shame moreless's crab tripped and fell at the last minute, sticking her little pincers into the sand with a splat ;-) Give Clemmy his due, he might be a veteran crab, but he's still got some speed in him.

    The crab salad prepared for everyone at the end of the race was especially tasty :-D

    Anyway, our totals for today are :

    Me - 8.7k run and 4.5k dog walk

    Mr L - 6.5k dog walks

    Mr L thinks he's going to be out of running action for a while as his run yesterday caused his calf lots of problems again - lazy sod :-)

  • At least Colin was tender and not tough and chewy like Clemmy! :o

    Well done both of you, but I think you need to have a word with chubbymummy, Lucca, she used the word dadbod on Mr C and suddenly he was clocking up the K's like nobody's business! ;) :D

  • I do feel a bit sorry for him, as I know he really wants to get out and run again (he's a bit of a star at running in reality !).

    Anyway, he's put away the tube of Deep Heat, and produced a tube of 'Deep Freeze' instead in the hope it smelt better. It still stank but had the unfortunate effect of driving the cat absolutely mad with desire :-O Must have been the mint - we have problems with her anyway when the cat mint is growing in the garden, but this was like nothing I'd seen before !! Even the dog had to hide... :-D

  • Maybe that's the way it's supposed to work! He'll forget the pain when he's legging it away from the cat! :D

  • I unexpectedly went on a sightseeing tour around the peaks and watched the starling murmation which included a very quick 8km walk today. I'll give the run to work a rest tomorrow I think.

    Back to Parkrun on Saturday though.

  • Yaaay for the starlings! :)

    We'll see you saturday then Geza! :)

  • Watch out! My crab has been to a secret training camp so he will be very hard to beat!!!!!! Add me to the beach volleyball team too.

    Today I did 3.9 km

  • Unfortunately Britdiane, Lucca scoffed Colin and Clemmy! :o Great that the volleyball team is growing :)

    Great K's! :)

  • Thanks for the warning, I will keep my super crab hidden 🦀🦀🦀

  • Very wise! :D

  • Lovely. What a day! 5.8km only from me though.

  • Sounds good to me rainshine :)

  • hi Lizzy i've done 1569 steps today take care Alan xx

  • Well done Alan :)

  • hi there many thanks its an improvement so watch this space take care Alan

  • I certainly shall Alan! :)

  • hi there many thanks Alan

  • Great effort again Alan. This has been a good week for you so far. Long may it continue xx

  • hi there many thanks, its your support that is helping, how have you been today o.k i hope, take care speak to you tomorrow your friend Alan xx

  • 5915 steps for yesterday ☀️

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