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Friday weigh in


Last week 12.5st, this week 12.8st ! Eek that wasn't supposed to happen. It's been an unusual week this week. My youngest off on Monday and then I was off on Wednesday as I had an emergency dental procedure. Do anti biotics put on weight? Probably the wine and comfort food on Wednesday eve didn't help but out of pain now and on the up - sadly in weight too! One more week to being on those slopes so must do better this week! I hope everyone else's week is going well ☺

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That's a tough week. I am sure it will right itself when you feel better.

With a week to your holiday and feeling better hopefully this will be a good, focussed week! :-)

You can do it!

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Thank you Will try and get back to it this week! ☺

Hi Juliet,

Don't be to disappointed, you still have a week before you go 😃 I do think illness does affect us and subsequent wgt loss/gain. Stay with it it will work out😃

I have decided not to weigh in this week, I'm fighting a nasty chest infection, appetite is poor but I do graze when feel like something and I don't feel ill get an accurate weigh. I'm also full of antibiotics/ cough stuff and dread to think the high sugar and calories in that !!

Have a lovely weekend and hope the tooth is better.


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Poor you. I think not weighing in is very sensible when you are one under. I hope you feel better soon too. My tooth is much better now thanks. The root canal filling did the trick and wasn't as bad as I imagined. Enjoy your weekend too ☺

Hi Juliet,

Like you say, it was an unusual week this week, so there were factors outside the norm, and those probably did impact on you. Glad you are out of pain now, and that you're feeling better.

You've still got a week to go before your lovely holiday, so you can focus and I'm sure you'll have a great week. Whatever happens, you have a holiday to enjoy, so you can enjoy the anticipation of that.

Have a great weekend in the meantime, it's nearly here!

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks Lowcal, very glad it is the weekend. I hope you have a lovely weekend too ☺

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