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Struggling with the last stone!


So I've been healthy eating since last January, alongside my mum and dad, ready for our holiday last August. The target date motivated me to be a healthier weight. I managed to lose 3 and a half stone by November, however since then I've just stopped eating really healthy. Surprisingly I stepped on the scales today and I haven't put any weight on (RESULT!). But I am still a stone away from my target weight, which I really want to achieve, but I'm just not as motivated and I'm struggling to stay away from anything that contains sugar! - I'm going to blame winter!

I feel great though from the weight loss, so much more confident! It's the slimmest I've been in the past 10 years, so I'm really proud of myself. However its so hard now my mum and dad are no longer eating healthy, as their support last time drove me to succeed.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

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Well done you! That's amazing, and to have maintained is brilliant- you've managed to stabilise without even trying. In a way that's a good thing because your body will respond well when you mix up your routine and get back to trying to lose that final stone.

Can you get your mum and dad back on track, perhaps? Try some new recipes, perhaps? Do something crazy and faddy for three days just to make a break then get back to healthy eating? im doing the first week of sirtfood, it's in GH February edition. It's just a way of mixing it up a bit- and the first three days have chocolate 😀😀😀

One other thought- exercise ! Mix it up, move more , it helps you 'be' in your body 😀

I think that is probably the best thing for me. Before it was all about the food but I've managed to maintain my weight so I must be eating better than last year even if I feel like I'm not.

I like the chocolate idea :) :)

So maybe if I get moving more it will help shed that extra bit of weight. It's like the home straight, but its just so hard. But I refuse to give up! Even if it takes another year to lose the stone, I will do it!

hi Steph,

It must get harder as you get nearer to your target. As you have not put anything on then maybe you have kept to the calorie levels just not the "right" calories? My partner eats mainly sweet things and carbs and survives during the day on a piece of toast and some biscuits and tea with 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in and then eats what I eat in the evening. She has no weight problems??

Steph, you have done so well and you are a great example to those of us starting off on this journey, get back to healthy eating and you will start to lose again and hit target!! ;-) John

I think you found your motivation when you stepped on the scales and the gain you expected to see didn't materialise - you're achieving so much simply by maintaining such an amazing loss. I have also been maintaining a loss - for me I set out to do this deliberately - I felt I'd reached my goal weight last September and have managed to stay exactly the same ever since. But now I've decided to lose a little more - just to get my BMI a little more securely in the healthy range - and I'm making a concerted effort to do this. You can do this too. Secure in the knowledge you've got a handle on a way of living that doesn't make you put on weight, you can now start to make small changes that lead you to lose weight. Also - break your stone down that you want to lose. Just aim for half a stone at first. Promise yourself something when you get there - a haircut, a new pair of boots, something that will definitely feel like a hard-earned reward. Then take stock and start chipping away at the next half stone. You can totally do it :)

Why are your parents not eating healthily?


Hello Stephb, and very well done on the weight loss and even better, maintaining!! Massive achievement 😊😊😊 I wish I knew how some days I feel so motivated and others I just don't 😕 I have lost two stone and want to lose another 1 1/2 😕 Had a bit of a break in December and struggled to get back n track, 😞 what has helped me is we have a holiday booked and I bought a new swimsuit and have upped my exercise . . . It is getting harder but upping the exercise is making me feel so much better as well as shedding inches. Good luck! 😊

well done you - inspirational :D

I want to lose a stone too but I just keep thinking it must go down if I stick to the good stuff and count the calories. I try to exercise everyday for at least 45 min, aerobic . so don't stop you will feel even more amazing if you do. Just feed your parents healthy food and don't tell them!'ve done amazingly well. Well done you! I set myself a target each month and plan a treat for myself if I reach it. The treat can be anything not food related. A fun day or night out, a spa day or facial (anything that would be a nice treat for you). You could use the money you're not spending on all those naughty unhealthy snacks! Good luck. Don't give up. You deserve to reach that goal.

Steph_B in reply to harobed

Hey I like this idea! I never thought of the money I'd be saving! More clothes for me to buy then :) :)

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Steph_B,

Your post is inspiring. Great to hear you're feeling so much more confident and that you're feeling great now you're the slimmest you've been in the past 10 years.

I know your parents aren't keeping up the healthy eating currently, and I do wonder why that is - as it's a pity they're not staying on board with it so you can support one another, but maybe you can move forward and inspire them to follow your lead - as you ensure you keep with your new healthy lifestyle. Maybe encourage them with a few delicious healthy recipes and meals with you, so they remember how delicious healthy eating can be.

Hope you have a great weekend, and you're sounding motivated to lose that final stone, so keep positive, and focused, and you'll do it! Maybe change the title on your thread though, as the content of your thread shows the motivation but the title doesn't. I just noticed it after I'd responded, and was confused at the difference between the title and the content - but actually, I think that's because I'm feeling a bit tired today, so I'm probably not reading as well as I should. My apologies. :-)

Lowcal :-)

kate2604Restart Dec 2020

Ok first things first Congratulations on losing your weight and keeping it off. 3 and a half stone is brilliant. Now that you have plateaued your body has got used to this weight and is not going to be resistant to further dieting. Look at it from this point. Going forward you can set your next target figure. So for the last 2 months you have been maintaining your weight. Winter is always depressing because we dont see the sun much. Set yourself a new target say by next November I will lose another stone and maintenance this weight for the 3 months winter months. You will gradually lose weight and have the ability to keep the weight off. If you start gaining weight you can always review why and put an action plan in to reduce it again.

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