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Trying to conceive with PCOS

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I'm a newbie, hoping for help! Have any PCOS sufferers had any luck getting pregnant naturally? My husband and I have "stopped preventing" since Jan, but I've not had a period since Feb. Pregnancy tests every 6-8 weeks have all been negative, and doctor says we have to have been trying for a year before they can look at intervening. Has anyone found things you were able to do to help things along naturally? Thank you in advance!

14 Replies

Hi BombusBombus,

Have you looked into taking metformin? I’m only about 3 weeks into taking it and it’s been working for me. It’s allowed me to actually ovulate this cycle. Here’s a little blurb about it:

Besides lowering your glucose and insulin levels, metformin may provide other health benefits to women with PCOS. Metformin can enhance ovulation and regulate menstrual cycles. ... Metformin may assist with weight loss when accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise but is not a weight-loss drug.

... I hope you are able to find something that works for you, I strongly recommend it as I have read many successful stories about this medication and it also reduces the risk of miscarriage and is safe to take during your pregnancy. I’m soo grateful I found out about this option as it’s less invasive then others out there. And I can truly feel a big difference hormone/symptoms wise after taking it for a little more than 3 weeks. I wish you the best!

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I took metaformin 3x a day for a whole year and strict diet and never got pregnant, i was vomiting all the time. So they dont agree with everyone. And now my consultant gave up om me

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Sorry to hear it didn't work for you Happygirl2002. Hope you find something that helps x

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Hi Jellybean31, no I haven't had any treatment at all. Might pop back to the doc and ask though, certainly worth looking into. Good to know about it reducing the risk of miscarrying too, that's been on my mind as well! Thanks for the advice! ❤️

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Have you tried taking inositol? Its a natural supplement but has similar effects to metformin and is not as harsh - i've had no side effects from taking it. We've been trying for just over a year now and haven't had any luck as i've only had 2 ovulations/periods this year. However i started taking inositol in mid-August and 6 weeks later actually ovulated and had a natural period! (it can take up to 3 months to fully get in your system). So i'm hoping its helping to regulate my cycle. We have now been referred to the infertility and i'm due to start clomid soon so there is help out there if you don't manage to get pregnant on your own. Good luck! x

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Hi NYC2018, something else to ask the Dr about! Hoping we manage to do it on our own as would have to go private for any fertility treatment and doubt we can afford it. Don't want that to be a decision we have to make. Hopefully Metformin or Inositol will at least get things moving as a starting point though! Thank you 🌟

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You can get inositol without a prescription as it's just like a vitamin. I did check with my consultant though and she said i was good to keep taking it. Do you not get any help with fertility treatment? There's no ivf funding in our area but we do qualify for 1st line treatments like clomid so it's worth asking. Good luck and hope you find something that works for you! :-) x

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We wouldn't qualify for treatment on the NHS because hubby and his ex had a daughter. She's like my own, which is gorgeous and wouldn't change it for the world, just always wanted more than one and am reeeeally ready for it!

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NYC2018 in reply to BombusBombus

Aw that's lovely :-) fingers crossed you get to add to your family soon! X

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dottyk in reply to BombusBombus

Your GP should send you off for investigation and clomid/letrazole with a consultant. They won’t give you ivf but with people who’s partner has a child or they have secondary infertility they still allow you to try some medication. I would give the inositol a try it comes in pill or powder for and see if that helps regulate your period. I know some people also take baby aspirin 75mg (not sure what’s it meant to do) you can get it in the supermarkets and just take some pregnacare as well to get your body ready. I would also keep track of your cycle so when you go back you can show your GP/consultant. The GP should refer you after a year of trying but you need to have a BMI of 35 and under for the medication on the NHS normally so if yours is higher you might want to work on that now. My GP was helpful as I had been trying for over 2 years at the time but they do make you jump through some hoops. You should see if they could at least take a blood test to check you hormones as some people with PCOS have thyroid issues. Good luck I wouldn’t worry too much loads of woman get pregnant naturally with PCOS. 👍🏻

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I stopped taking the pill a good 2/3 hrs before properly trying. Used a good app that tracked periods and from there I could figure out when I was ovulating. I went from a 75 day cycle down to a 35 ish day cycle. I got a slight back pain cramping when ovulating. Then two weeks later I would get a period. But the time between the period and next signs of ovulation could be really long. Also watched weight and exercised. Good luck!!

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Seen the doc today and they don't prescribe Metformin as it's not licensed for PCOS, and she'd never heard of inositol. Next step is referral to fertility clinic. 😔

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Kimmy2002 in reply to BombusBombus

Hun go look up inositol .. I didnt have a period for years and the doctors were useless as I'm heavy so just say loose weight... like that's so easy. I take overifert a type of inositol with additional folic acid and b12 that are essential for conception and I just finished my third period in three months.. I am 6 months into taking it as it takes 3 months mostly to get into your system. It's a huge step forward having a cycle at all for me and now I'm crossing my fingers for that positive test but I looked it all up my self the doctors are clueless.. I can only tell you my personal situation and what I have researched my self but it's the closest to conception I have ever been a cycle if nothing g else is heathy. Overifert is a food supplement so no prescription needed and natural substance.. have a look your self

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This conversation started 7months ago so I'm just wondering if any of you got pregnant since. I've just been prescribed Metformin and wanted to know if it actually helps to get pregnant.

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