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Hi, new here!

I went for ultrasound last week & been confirmed today I have pcos I don’t have a clue about any of it can anyone help me out? Me and partner been trying for a baby for over 2 years now & now hearing I have pcos i feel like I’ll never have my own baby

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Keeping a balanced diet will help a lot! Putting on weight is a struggle of mine, I find it difficult to loose it.

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Thank you x

The coil or taking the pill may help as well depends on your PCOS x

I felt the same when I found out that I have PCOS, it felt like my chances of having a baby had disappeared. Despite having PCOS, there is no reason you can not go on to have children, many many women do. I had various tests and then was put onto Clomid (a fertility drug) to make my body ovulate. Despite many up's and down's and different dosages etc., I fell pregnant on our 4th attempt and I am now 20 weeks pregnant. Make sure you get referred to a fertility clinic via the NHS and don't be afraid to ask all the questions you may have. Good luck.

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Thank you, I have my first gynaecology appointment in January I am very scared could you explain to me what happens in the first appointment please, my doctors won’t give me any tables they say I have to wait till my appointment in January :/ x

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My first appointment at the fertility clinic was mainly answering lots of questions and the gynaecologist explaining more about PCOS to me. We then discussed further tests that I could have done. Try to distract yourself until closer to the appointment. PCOS doesn't mean you can't have children and the gynaecologist will explain it all to you.

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Thank you x

Thanks for this response, sorry to

Hijack but this is so helpful, congratulations! , I have just been diagnosed after 18months TTC, being referred to fertility treatment now. Before diagnosis I had a bmi of 39 now 36 after following a insulin resistant diet which feels like being given the key to my body, but still concerned about my high bmi for my appointment, how did yours go, did you struggle with your bmi? Xx

Hello. I was lucky that my bmi was ok / on the border. Despite your bmi, at your appointment they should still give you all the answers you need and explain how to move forward. Your bmi is just one part of managing pcos and the main thing is that you feel comfortable and understand the way forward after the apt. Good luck

Thanks JGR, I’m hoping now I can use this insulin resistance knowledge in my lifestyle further which will hopefully mean by the time I have my appointment I’ll be nearer 32 or less so that will also help hopefully and be better for a pregnancy, if only I had known 10 years ago! Oh well it is what it is, fingers crossed! Thank you for your support x

Hi, how are you doing? I also have Pcos, I found out in February, TTC for 2 months got pregnant in July. Women with Pcos do get pregnant and I’m sure one day this will happen for you too! Try to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle, if you want you can contact me privately and I can share what I know and I’m doing. My pregnancy ended in miscarriage but i’m now TTC again.

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