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New to this- PCOS and trying for a baby


Hi I'm new to this and looking for some support and advice.i was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago and have been trying for a baby ever since with no success.the gynaecologist put me on several rounds of chlomid with no success.My next stage is IVF and as my partner already has a child with someone else we will have to pay for it. We are not in a position to pay for IVF yet. I have the constant worry that I will never have children and get so upset seeing/knowing people are pregnant.i shouldn't be jealous and happy for them but it's hard when you want the same so badly.Has anybody got any success stories with PCOS or could anyone recommend any other support groups that could help issues regarding infertility. I am keen on talking to people that suffer the same issues that can relate to what I am going through.

Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Hi there, Just to provide some hope - chlomid didn't work for me but IVF did (after numerous miscarriages). I have a beautiful child from a frozen egg and fell pregnant naturally 9 months after having my daughter. I can remember a very close friend falling pregnant while I was in emotional turmoil and, though extremely happy for her, I did find it hard to listen to all the 'baby chat' both from her and it seemed 'everybody' else. Unhelpful comments from relatives about starting a family didn't help!.

I know I was extremely lucky and count my blessings every day but I just wanted to reassure you that there is hope -it can happen.

An alternative ending is the way it went for another friend who did not get pregnant through IVF but adopted a beautiful 9 month old boy who is loved as much as a biological child would be.

AJ27 in reply to freckleysmiler

Hi thank you so much for replying and your positive story.It is inspiring not to give up and hopefully it will happen for me :-)

It is so difficult to see friends getting pregnant and not be bitter.i seem to shy away from people that I know are pregnant as like you I don't want to hear the baby talk and then feel like I'm isolating myself.I have to keep thinking it will happen one day my time hasn't come yet.

freckleysmiler in reply to AJ27

Fingers crossed for you.

Hi there, sorry you've had such a tough time, pcos can be so awful.

First of all (easier said than done I know) but try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Stress can make pcos symptoms worse and it can actually delay or stop periods for anybody not just us pcos sufferers.

Secondly, I don't know your full story but try changing your diet. It is a lot of hard work, can be a little expensive and time consuming but my God is it worth it! I was diagnosed last year and the doctor just said they could give me medication for all of the symptoms and refer me for fertility treatment. Not wanting to depend on tablet after tablet and have the side effects etc I researched different ways to help treat my pcos. I found the pcos diet support website and instantly cut out gluten, dairy and soya. Gluten is an inflammatory so makes swelling of your ovaries worse and also increases testosterone levels, dairy also increases testosterone which makes you hairy and spotty and soya is full of hormones. Within two weeks my spots had gone, the weight was literally dropping off and my periods came back and they actually weren't that bad! I had lots of energy and no pain.

I felt like a new woman and within 3 months I was pregnant! I am currently cuddling my healthy 4 week old bundle of joy and could not recommend the diet and the website enough, it changed my life.

I wish you all the best and please don't give up xx

AJ27 in reply to tasha-jayne5

Thank you for replying and the great advice I really appreciate it.congratulations on the birth of your little one :-)

My diet isn't too bad, I've tried to cut down on the amount of sugar and process food although sometimes it is difficult as I have such a sweet tooth.what website did you use to follow the pcos diet and what sort of things did you have as meals? I really would like to try the diet.i suffer quite bad with my skin and seem to be getting excessive hair a bit more now which really gets me down too so if the diet would help that too that would make me feel so much better in myself.

I try to not get stressed about having PCOS and not being able to conceive but sometimes I feel like a disappointment.


tasha-jayne5 in reply to AJ27

No problem, trying to help others through such an awful time is something I feel so strongly about as I know how much being able to live a (fairly) normal life and have a child can mean. Thank you :)

Great start on cutting down on sugar, the website specifies that refined sugar is the culprit! So swap sugar for honey and maple syrup etc.

As for the skin and hair issues, try to cut out dairy as much as you can as it contains IGF1 (insulin growth factor 1) which basically increases testosterone which causes acne and hirsutism. I swapped cow's milk for almond milk and normal cheese for dairy free cheese etc. My skin cleared up in no time.

I found out about the diet on and got a lot of recipe ideas from I also have a really sweet tooth but her raw brownies and fudge got me through my cravings, they are to die for!

You are not a disappointment at all, it is really tough but you can get through it. I actually got pregnant when I stopped trying so hard and putting so much pressure on.

Please try and stay positive and make sure you look at the pcos diet support website.

Feel free to keep in contact, I'd love to hear how you get on.

Good luck x

AJ27 in reply to tasha-jayne5

Thank you so much for the advice and words of encouragement. It is nice to speak to people that have PCOS and that can relate to you. Makes you realise you aren't on your own out there!

Just about to look at PCOS diet support website. I am motivated to make some changes. I will definitely keep in touch you have been a great help thank you :-)


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