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We have been trying for a baby for 3 years but no luck have been referred to ivf due to my age 44 what is the chances of getting pregnant at 44 with low egg count

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Hi there, just noticed that you have not had a response. As someone of a similar age- I am 43 going to be 44 in June, I thought I should share my experience.

The best thing will be to shortlist some IVF clinics that specialise in IVF for over 40s. After initial consultations and tests, they will tell you specifically what your chances are. There are some general stats out there but I would look to get something more tailored. There is no obligation to go with a particular clinic after the initial consultation- The costs range from £200 to £350 in the UK. Some clinics also offer some free webinars if you don’t want to pay.

After a failed first IVF attempt, I went to 3 different clinics before I settled on the one I am currently using. It is worth noting that multiple cycles increase your chances- this is what I am currently doing but I know that nothing is guaranteed. Good luck with your decision!

Noorjan in reply to JoyfulStar

Thank you, how long have you been doing IvF

JoyfulStar in reply to Noorjan

You’re welcome. I first started looking into IVF in early 2019 but had to put it on hold as I needed to have a myomectomy ( a fibroid removal procedure).

I did my first IVF cycle in March 2020 which was paused due to Covid. I got all the way to the egg retrieval stage and after 5 eggs were fertilised only I embryo made it to day 5. I had a frozen transfer which was unsuccessful in July 2020. After that I took my sweet time deciding which clinic to go with.

I am about to embark on the 2nd of 3 IVF rounds with my current clinic. The idea is to batch embryos and then have one transfer at the end.

All of my research suggests that this is usually a good strategy for those of us with lower chances. A lot of the consultants told me I had a 3-10%. This increases with additional rounds.

Good luck with it all!

Anyone else on here had a IVF baby

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