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My husband and I have been trying for 3 Years and along the way have many friends and family who have conceived naturally without any trouble. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I’m currently waiting to start my first round of IVF. I’m trying my very best to stay positive but just wanted to ask did anyone have any ways of coping with the stress and heartache? It’s been a very tough few years for us (as I’m guessing it has been for most in this group). I find i struggle more when others tell me to ‘stay calm’, or ‘don’t think about it’, ‘the worst thing you can do is stress’. Just looking for ways of coping with it without sending myself loopy! Thanks in advance everyone x

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  • Nope, it is tough, It took me 3 years to conceive Noah who is now 11 and I have to say it was the most depressing time of my life, which is why we only have him - one thing I did do was have reflexology once a week between my IUI attempts - it was the only difference and conceived him, I actually had my period pretty much to the hour which had never happened before. Reflexology is also good as a stress reliever too.

    All the drugs you take make it so up and down, towards the end, just the thought of having to have sex put me of tbh, it was so tedious after 3 years of every other day ..... when we went to IUI obviously the sex part was taken out which reduced some of the pressure so we do it if we wanted to rather than having to....

    The only thing I would encourage is exercise to try and keep you feeling mentally ok so more for the endorphins rather than getting fit !!

    Did you try IUI or was it not offered ?

  • Thank you for your reply!! I have reflexology every 2 weeks and I definitely think it helps to destress me!

    Really pleased to hear you have a little one after so much struggle!

    I had one round of IUI, but although it failed I over responded to the injections so produced a lot more eggs than needed so had to have a follicle reduction on my first round. They said I could have another round of IUI if I wanted or go straight to ivf so made sense to go for ivf as I had responded so well to the drugs and they were quite positive with this.

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I do try and exercise a few times a week I’ve just hit a bit of a wall at the minute. X

  • I was offered 3 IUI and 1 IVF - first IUI did nothing as struggled to get the dosage right (so wasnt classed as a try), 2nd didnt work but 3rd worked after reflexology so I would definitely keep doing that as you go along as I am sure it helped.

    It is a long old road sometimes and hitting a wall is not uncommon. When are you scheduled for your IVF? It is very positive that you responded so well with the drugs, as sometimes getting that right is half the battle. How many IVF are you offered as I know it can vary?

    Keep thinking of that light at the end of the tunnel as it is still there!

  • I was offered 3 IUI and 2 IVF, so starting our first round of ivf next! That’s brilliant that your 3rd worked after so much heartache!!

    We are due to go to the clinic again next week to discuss injections and then as soon as my cycle starts we can go ahead. I can have 2 rounds of IVF. Thank you! Xz

  • Good fingers crossed, keep busy as it helps :-) the horrendous 2 ww .... on my second attempt my preg test was so faint I was sure it was negative lol ... I then had a massive bleed at 10 weeks which they thought was a mc but was a ruptured blood vessel - all very stressful I have to say! hey ho all over now and Noah was worth it.

    It is quite common to bleed in the early weeks/months of pregnancy especially after IUI IVF by the way so don't think the worst if you do!

    Good luck

  • Thanks very much for the chat and the advice, it all really helps! Will hopefully update you soon x

  • I'm cheering you on! Hope everything works out! Much love😘❤

  • Thank you💕

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