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Pcos and clomid and metformin together

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Hi everyone

I'm in my mid 20s been trying to get prey for 4years but no chance I ve checked every thing blood test blockages and my partner has all normal but no luck

Went on clomid 50g 3 cycle but no chance

Follicle grow to good size but every month negative

Tried iui but still no chance

Recently I ve checked again found that I have mild pcos , I think this is the issue I have regular period never missed a day

Because money issue I'm going on round clomid again my be 100 g this time

I have read about metformin can help bid time any one with pcos tried it and worked ?

Also is nhs can prescribe me with metformin

Thank you for your info

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Hi. Clomid didn't work for me so I was put on letrozole and I conceived second round. I believe letrozole is far better

Hi I'm on metformin to control symptoms so it is available on NHS x

Thank you every one for reply

I'm not sure I'm Private patient at chalsea and Westminster hospital do nhs can prescribe me with the letrozole or I ask my gb to prescribe for it

Really had bad experience and taking me too long now and don't want to give chance to that

Congratulations to chloe1111

Thank you

I went private to see a consultant but get the metformin for free but in Wales it's free anyway so unsure x soz x

Yes metformin helps I am in 40s now had my child who now 12 I have been diagnosed with PCOS at 15 to 16 years old. The was not much study on this. But helps keep to regulate it be under a good amount of weight of your body and height helps regular periods. On time you will fall pregnant.

Hello everyone

We are all in waiting game now and really losing my patience

Ladies I'm still not sure which treat is more beneficial best

I'm going to give it ago again on medication

Before I go for next setp which is ivf

Want to know if I can combine letrozole with metformin or clomid with metformin

Or just take on of the drugs clomid or letrozole

I have mild pcos which one with your experience is best pls

Thank you again


Getting very tired trying every month I think I take break 😭

Over 4 years now tried almost everything (no ivf) yet

Pcos getting me tired hospital not opening yet caz covid19

Pls I know I be been told that I ve mild pcos both sides is this really can effect me not getting chance to get pregnant at least one s

I have no other issue what so ever

My husband got everything normal

Myself everything normal even perfect period 28 days cycle Evey month

Can it possible pcos make you not ovulate? Every month for over4years

Thank you very much

Hello everyone

Is possible to buy leyrozole and metformin online and is safe to do so any one buy it online

Thank you

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