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PCOS and trying to conceive


Hi everyone. I got diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago now. It came about as we were trying for a baby. I've lost a lot of weight and Iam now on metformin I have recently upped my dosage to 1000mg a day. We are still trying for a baby and have been now for over a year. I work in a small team and one of the ladies I work with is now pregnant. I feel like it's a constant reminder and it's really taking its toll on me mentally. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has a similar story and how it's effected everyone, I don't know anyone with PCOS and most of my friends have children so I just feel very alone in this. I don't know how to emotionally deal with the stress of TTC and that sinking feeling I get as the months go on with no luck. It's all beginning to feel pretty hopeless.

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I have PCOS too and feel very similar to how you describe. I am on Clomid but so far no luck but I have a few months left to go. I find I have good days and bad days. Like you i am surrounded by pregnant women which is a constant reminder. I try to remember that PCOS doesn't mean no children, our time will come! Try to take some time for yourself and do something that distracts your mind for a short while. You become stronger every day because of it.

Hi I had/have Pcos. I’m now 57 with three teenage daughters.

All Pcos, and very teenage as well. Even my husband is behaving like a menopausal teenager.

I now have the M coil and no periods. Pure bliss.

I know people who went though cycle after cycle of awful drugs and then hay presto out of the blue pregnant.

I had to wait for three years, I planned loads of other things we traveled when ever possible (once the babies arrive it gets harder to be spontaneous, you have to carry the kitchen sink with you and they keep you up at night and you never stop worrying). I also stopped any sort of stimulants from day one of my period to day 14 Eg coffee wine etc I joined foresight a pre pregnancy organisation and took vitamins, which my dr said was silly but I felt I was doing something positive.

I also saw a homeopathic dr to get me extra healthy, who fixed my positive aura etc yes right but I was really desperate at 35 and it worked for me and we had great chats, he was really cool. I put all the responsibility on them to get me in to tip top condition. I didn’t swim in chlorinated pools was the other one. I stayed away from around chemicals of any kind. Not body products unless prue or mean to promote hormonal health

and loads of yoga at the local gym it was brilliant.

Ok the naughtiest one was hanging out with pregnant and fiends with babies, (I wanted to anyway )as apparently you become more fertile around babies, it was in fact very useful as I didn’t get grumpy about their babies and picked up loads of very useful info.

Good luck with it all and just keep asking questions and stay positive it’s worth it.x

Ooo ....forgot it turns out hubbys sperm had for what ever reason an incredibly short shelf life. We had a nano second of fertility every month even with me sorted. So keep an open mind.


You are definitely not on your own with feeling like this. We have been TTC for a year now too and after the PCOS diagnosis I felt lost. All of my friends seem to be getting pregnant at the drop of a hat and it’s so frustrating. One thing that does give me comfort is that there are treatment options available, they just don’t happen overnight unfortunately. It sounds as though you are approaching everything in the right way and congratulations on your weight loss. Please don’t give up, sending you loads of love and positivity xxx

Hi i have Pcos and have a 10month old. Ive was diagnosed when i was 14. I had to get an assited conception it was a drig called letrozole i was given when i was told is the step before clomid/metformin. Anyway when i was there the dr recommended something called inofolic she said she wished nhs prescribed. I started to take that at the same time as letrozole and fell pregnant in 3 months may be a coincidence but its worth a go. I understand the hopelessness u can sometimes feel worrying if it will ever happen. This is it here inofolic.org.uk it is expensive but worth it in my experience. Good luck xx

Aw I know exactly how you are feeling..I was in the same boat 2 years ago. Like you I’d never even heard of PCOS until I came off the pill to try to conceive and never got a period. We were referred to fertility clinic and tried clomid but nothing happened and I still wasn’t ovulating..we then tried clomid and metformin together and it worked! I now have a beautiful 1 year old baby girl! Keep busy..I joined lots of new clubs and hobbies at the time which was great for meeting people who are older/ single as a lot of our friends were couples who were pregnant or had a baby and I hated being around them..now I have loads of new friends as well as my old ones! I also concentrated on eating well/ exercising/ yoga which I’m not sure helped but definitely made me feel more in control and like I was doing something to help whilst waiting for the drugs and appointments. It also really helped for me to keep a gratitude journal..it helped me feel less depressed- just because I was struggling to have a baby there was so much good stuff still in my life to be thankful for. As someone else has said go on lots of lovely holidays! I really hope you get some positive news soon and in the meantime you manage to find some enjoyment in other things! Now we are thinking about baby number 2..I have got a period back all be it irregular so we’ll see if it’s any easier this time! X

Look at reflexology - I had it between my two IUI sessions and conceived and Noah is 13, it took 3 years to conceive him though and it is not a time I look back on fondly I have to say, I think it was the most depressing time of my life (which is why I only have Noah). It is really rare not to conceive just due to pcos. My husband also had dodgy sperm which didnt help.

I would up the exercise so you get the natural endorphins to help you through it. It is a slog ....

Hi Murphyarcher, I have Pcos too and at work, 4 of my colleagues are pregnant now... I just have the feeling that some women it is incredibly easy, ¨I'm planning to get pregnant in September¨ and it works ! I have good days (my day will come) and bad days (being jealous and asking myself : why me...). I hate when people I barely talk to ask me : and you ? Don't you want to have children ? And you, don't you want to ask this beautiful question to somebody else ? :-)

Yes it is a slog and I agree, sport helps. And planning incredible holidays too :-)

Hi everyone

Thank you for all risking the time to respond to my post and there are lots of positive stories and helpful advice. Thank you for all sharing your difficulties with me sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one feeling like this and it's a relief to know how I'm feeling is normal and I'm not on my own.

Thank you all again for your support.

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