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Pcos,metformin and not wanting to conceive yet

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Hi there. I was diagnosed last Jan with pcos and then fell pregnant whilst taking metformin and on the pill. My gp has now put me back on metformin but am now on the implant but scared of getting pregnant again (my son is only 8 month) as I feel its too early for me... Any one ever experienced this or no of anyone who fix get pregnant on metformin and contraception?


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The implant is not good from a pcos point of view. What reason were you put on metformin, are you insulin resistant? Did you continue it when you were pregnant ? Did you forget a contraceptive pill or something as it is pretty rare to conceive if you are taking the pill properly?

They have put me on metformin to help with my weight,and when I was on the pill I had never missed one and always took it at the sane time every day.

Look at getting the coil as it is good from a pcos point of view

Hi, have you found that metformin helps with your weight?

Hols969, I am also on the implant and wondered if you could tell me why it's not good from a pcos point of view and what is a good replacement (except the coil) thank you!

Hi I'm not sure yet as have only just started it... I'm hoping it does as I've tried everything else. Only downside is it's given me a period with alot of pain that I haven't had since Feb x

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