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Trying to concieve with pcos


Hi, I'm 32 and trying to conceive my second child and finding it very emotional .

I was diagnosed at 24 after coming off the pill to start a family , I was prescribed clomid and fell pregnant on my fifth round and now have a gorgeous five year old . I have now been trying for a second child for the last eight months and finding it very hard this time round , I think I have my age in the back of my mind this time :( . My doctor has told me we need to be trying for a year before she'll consider clomid again plus there's the issue off that my partner is in the army and works away in the week so I don't no how to time things once start clomid again. My periods are nearly every 80 days so I doubt I'm ovulating on my own either .

I was just wondering if anybody has got pregnant with long cycles and also if anyone else's partner works away too. Thank you :)

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If you can afford it - just pay private for clomid. You can probably get the treatment for less than £300?

I have PCOS diagnosed age 22. After having irregular periods I was put on the pill. After meeting my husband we decided to try for a baby when I was 31. I looked at some diet books tailored for people with PCOS, and decided to ready my body before trying. I started on folic acid, and after a month of taking it, came off the pill. To my surprise I found out I was pregnant after only three weeks of trying. I also put it in my mind that I was going to take things as they came and not get too frustrated if it didn't happen. Being pretty relaxed about it all, for me worked well!!! Due to other medical complications it is now too risky for me to try for another baby. I hope you find a solution, and are able to have the baby you long for, but don't be so disheartened if it doesn't happen, you have already been blessed with one prince/princess, and there are other options eg adoption (I'm adopted myself). Please keep us informed of how you get on :o) x

Nicolalouise in reply to Sal0712

Thanks sal0712 , yeah I do know I'm very very lucky to have my little boy and what ever happens will always keep that in mind , my partner doesn't have children so would love to be able to have one with him , luckily he's very supportive :)

I do keep telling myself to relax as I know I can't change what ever happens so no point stressing , just some days find it difficult .

It's great that you didn't have to try for long to fall pregnant , bet you were over the moon! Sorry to hear you can't risk another pregnancy though that must be very hard to deal with .

I've managed to get in with the doctor next week as she told me to go see her again after my partner was home from a short tour so hoping she'll agree to let me try clomid again whilst he's home for the summer , fingers crossed!

Dolly8 I don't think I'd like to try clomid I'd brought myself , I've heard some scary stories about that , have you done it alone?

Thanks again for your replies :)

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I'm on here because my daughter has PCOS. When I was ready to conceive, I took a Natural Family Planning class at a catholic hospital (not that I'm catholic)... but they have a good system for knowing when you're ovulating and tracking it with stickers on a calendar. At least that way, you know when/how often you're ovulating and when to "try". It might be helpful to present that information to your doctor as well, especially since you have such limited time with your husband.

Nicolalouise in reply to 63130

I've never heard of those thank you will look into if there are any near to us :)

I've just been given provera which I'm nearly finished now then start clomid this week , so fingers crossed!

Has your daughter just been diagnosed?

This may not be helpful at all but I'm posting because why the heck not.

I conceived naturally at age 25 but when I wanted a second child at 30 couldn't seem to acheive it. I've been diagnosed PCOS since 17 and have next to no periods. I did get referred to an infertility clinic in the end but it was in the waiting room that I got to discussing my weight with a fellow sufferer (although I'm not obese, I am considerably overweight and find it hard to shift the weight as a symptom of the PCOS). We began to talk of a gluten-free diet to help shift the weight and I went home that day and have been gluten-free ever since (6yrs), I did shift a lot of weight and also had accupuncture (once, not my thing really) and then conceived my son naturally.

I post because you may like to research the links between a gluten-free diet and PCOS, I have since found others use the diet as a means to controlling their symptoms and not just for weight loss.

Good luck.

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