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Hi I have pcos. I've been off my coil for 10 months and in that time I have 2 periods. So hard to work out if I'm ovulating or not. I have a referral to the hospital next month and from what I've researched the likliehood is I'll be prescribed chlomid or metformin. I'm trying to work out if one is better than the other but all the online reviews are so mixed. I'm just apprehensive about the affects both drugs can have on you. I'm already a hormonal mess since coming off the coil.

Any advice on what I shud push for at hospital?

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  • Metformin is for if you are insulin resistant and not a fertility drug. If you do get given clomid make sure they check your tubes first as their is a time limit on how long you can take it for (I think its max of 9-12 months)

    Look at the fertilityfriends website as taking your temperature is the only accurate way with pcos, also remember that a period doesn't mean you are ovulating so don't focus on your period overly as you can ovulate without a period too.

    Is your BMI under 30 as this can be a bit of an issue if it is over 30 from an NHS fertility help point of view.

  • Hi

    Thank you for your response. I've a him of 23-24 which is considered healthy on his website. I have gained weight since coming off the coil. I'm actually joining slimming world today to ensure I maintain a healthy weight as I feel since coming off the coil my weight just keeps creeping up.

    I just want to go into the appointment informed as they often bamboozle you with science. I was taking my temperature for 2 months but I lost confidence in it as I was often a temp below the scales so wasn't sure if it was right and what it was telling me. I've only had 2/3 periods since coming off the coil they have been 40 days; 47 days and now this is beyond 48 days so feels lile a long wait.

    I feel like no period reduces my chance of conceiving.

  • No it doesn't, periods really mean nothing - I had relatively regular periods but rarely ovulated. I know lots of ladies that have conceived without a period. Your BMI is fine from a fertility point of view which is good. Has your partner been tested as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men - I would get him on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets, my hubbies (which was rubbish) improved by over 100% in a year so may be worth taking them just to give them a little boost !!

    Temping is a faff, I never did it as didn't know about it at the time, but it is the only accurate way of telling. Have you looked at what signs it suggested to look for as well ?

  • Hi yeah he as been tested so he is fine and I have him on multis; vit d and zinc. I'm rattling on vitamins started taking an innoistol and fa a few months ago which actually helped moods.

    Sorry what do you mean about signs to look for?

  • Your discharge can change when you are about to ovulate, there are certain symptoms the body shows when ovulating.

  • I have read that but don't fully understand what I m looking for ie at what point discharge highlights try now.

  • If you end up taking metformin you will take it with the clomid and continue to take it even when not trying in between cycles. I too have PCOS and have no natural cycle. After having all the tests which took me about 9 months, I did one round of 100mg clomid and nothing happens, then I asked to also have met formin and tried 150mg clomid but again nothing - no follicles whatsoever. So moved onto injections which are just stronger versions of clomid, first and second round I had too many follicles, so had an operation and just waiting to start my third try. Thought I would tell you the main part of my journey as when I started I had no clue! A lot of doctors do not actively prescribe metformin, but you can ask for it and it had been shown to increase chances of natural ovulation

  • Thanks for your advice. It's just difficult to know what to expect and what to push for. These appointments are hard to come by so want to make sure I make the most of my time with the Dr. It's hard at this side of the process as you don't know how long/how big a challenge this could be.

    Good luck with your own attempts.

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