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Hiya all, i have pcos been diagnosed from the age of 16 now 22, but i have found amitriptyline helps set your hormones back to normal. I dont get out much due to my allichies tendonitis and cavus foot. But love to meet new people. Also does anyone suggest any other treaments ? X

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This drug is primarily an anti depressant, I have not heard it mention before that it helps pcos ladies, as far as I was aware there were not human clinical trials done for it.

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Amitriptyline used to be prescribed as an antidepressant but it's now used for a whole host of health conditions including pain relief.

There is some interesting research suggesting some antidepressants have an effect on testosterone levels. Research suggests some increase while others lower it.

Good luck & hope it works for you.



Browse about myo inositol.

You can check with GP after reading about it and see what their view is. I am taking it and waiting to see some results. Hope this helps.


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