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Please help me, I’m desperate for the help x


I dunno if someone could help me, I got diagnosed with pcos when I was 19-20 I’m not 25 all I got told was I have pcos and there’s surgery that could help. My mood swings are just terrible sometimes, my skin is so bad, my motivation is just gone, I’m trying to lose weight but nothing works at all, I don’t have much information at all for me with pcos the doctors have been useless, it’s like it’s not a big issue or a serious problem but to me it is when I’m shaving my face every 2 days I was wondering if anyone could tell me before I take them the a-z multivitamin & minerals, Isit any good for pcos?

Is there anything I can take to atleast feel normal haha

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Hey ❤️Aw bless you it can be so awful when not managed properly.

I was diagnosed at 16 and I’m now 29, mood swings can be awful with pcos when I was younger it was an actual nightmare. Luckily that’s calmed down a lot for me now. The hair is honestly the worst part for me so my heart goes out to you, I had laser hair at sk:n which has worked so well but is expensive. I had it around 2 years ago, a course of 6 or 8 and up to recently I haven’t had a problem. Some hairs are coming back now on my chin so I could do going back for a session or two. If that’s not an option I would definitely say to wax rather than shave if at all possible because shaving makes it so much worse.

Losing weight is the best thing you can do but it is difficult, cutting out sugar is key really. It’s a slow process but you can do it if you keep it up. Just remember you’re not alone and things will get better. Sending lots of love

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Thank you so so much for your kind words, really might try the waxing instead of the shaving lol x


There wide range of vitamins and supplements. Always seek advice from doctor /pharmacist before starting any incase of interactions with any current health issues and medication your currently taking.

Eating a balanced meals (fruit, veg, carbs, protein) , everything in moderation but mindful of sugar intake.. drinking plenty of water

Having some regular movement (walks, runs, yoga, stretching, a cycle, dancing etc) anything you find enjoyable and managable

Small steps!!

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Thank you lovely, really means a lot! X


Try to remove all processed foods ( anything not found in nature) Waxing always better than shaving

Have a look into Myo-inositol as that’s what I’m currently on, as well as Magnesium & Vitamin B6 (I take the combined one). I have only recently started the Myo-inositol as recommended by my consultant, I hadn’t heard of it before, but have been taking Magnesium & Vitamin B6 for years now and I really notice a difference in my mood and motivation when I don’t take them. I found this link for you which helps to explain the different supplements, hope you can find something that works for you. Xx

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Thank you x where did you get your tablets too if you don’t mind me asking

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The Inositol one I got from Amazon, I’m on the combined one which has folic acid (Inofolic) as I’m going through fertility treatment, but you can get the Myo-Inositol separately on there too under a few different brands. The Magnesium & B6 combined I get from Sainsbury’s, so they should do it in other stores/pharmacies. X

it is extremely hard to loose the weight i have tried everything but myfitnesspal was a great tool to use and then i just count everything. for the hair i found even with waxing it was coming back fast so i went to sk:n they were really good they have a PCOS discount as well i went 3 years ago and bow it is starting to come back so will need a top up. i tried the nono and that didn’t really work so wouldn’t suggest that

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