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Help me have a baby

I have been trying to have a baby for 15 yrs im 35 and have pcos im really freaking out i have tried all the normal medications and never been pregnant im running out of time i have even had tarrot card reading and psychic pregnancy readings please help!

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Please call your doctor and set up an appointment to discuss a few options. Please let us know what you find out.😀👍


I have went to different doc. Already they put me on clomin and them metformin and then told me that it didnt work and thats about all they could do for me


How long have you been on Metformin?


Im not anymore he put me on it for 3 months i did ovulate but didnt get pregnant the doc daid i could only be on it for 3 months


What dose were you taking at the time?


I went down the natural root and stopped sugar cut it out! I also changed my diet completely I stopped eating meat and stuck to fish. (not saying you should cut out meat that was just my preference). Diet is so important with pcos and there is a lot of free info on what you should eat on the net (takes some time to process it all) You could Try a nutritionist someone who specialize in pcos.

I also took folic acid every day and maca root tablets.

Ensure your thyroid is functioning properly and Get blood test done regularly.

What also helped me massively was seeing a herbalist who was able to make me an all natural medicine mix. yes it was expensive but no more then what I would spend on a prescription it was a long process but after 14 months of hard work I now have my daughter who is 3months old. I'm not saying this way will work for you or is the best way because we are all different but it can't hurt to give it a try. I believe changing my diet and going natural helped me. Do some research knowledge is everything.

Keeping stress levels down is massively important although I found this easier said then done.

I hope a little look into my journey helped and good luck x

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So what is the diet no sugar and fish not meat and what about the herbal mux what was that


So my diet I changed all white food to brown so brown rice brown bread etc meat was my choice you can still eat it. I stuck to fish nuts avacado. pintrest was my best friend for new recipes, as I had no idea how to incorporate things like chickpeas and lentils into my diet. In the morning instead of having coffee I had a spearmint tea with fruit. The small things really do matter.

I drank apple cider vinegar (with mother) diluted in water every day.

I didn't do a major workout I downloaded these apps on my phone like a 30 day challenge app and they seemed to work for me well atleast mentally I felt better.

Also make sure you take your folic acid every day. The herbal medicine was made specifically to my needs so I went to the doctors got a blood test done I took the results of my blood test to the herbalist who sat and spoke to me about my needs and how it affected me then made the mix according to my needs. (this was not cheap and not a quick fix) but I feel it worked for me. I went to a place in streatham called Maitri Health Centre. Look it up on Google and maybe give them a call.

Hope this helped


Is your weight ok? If so then they will offer other treatment if you are in the UK, unless your partner already has children, then it can be limited. Clomid does have a time limit but it is the first time I have ever heard of it only being prescribed for 3 months. I conceived Noah when I was 36 so you still have time as our egg quality remains better for longer.


I want to suggest to you how I get pregnant naturally after trying for many years with pcos:

Stop eating carbs,



Diet drinks

Just eat meat, fruit, vegetables and water( you could put fruit in it to flavor it).

I am a Christian, I read John 3:16 from the Bible and from what He says . He really cares for you and me in fact he gave His only son so that we could be saved from the sin we have that seperates us from God.

I didn't know I had PCOS in 2003 when I started trying to have a baby, I asked God for one if it was His best will for me and I asked for His timing. I started hearing about a low diet and decided to try it and after a few months I got pregnant.

I don't know that this will work for you but it can't hurt you. It is a very healthy lifestyle for PCOS sufferers and you will be amazed AFTER a few days how much better you feel.


I am a christian also but have been very angry with God for awhile now


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