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Contraceptive patch


Hi guys,

I really struggle to take tablets and have heard horror stories about the coil. So I have been looking at getting the Contraceptive patch in hope that it will be enough to help balance my hormones out from PCOS.

Also noticed about the Patch that it isn’t necessarily suitable for people over 14 stone ... not helpful when you suffer with your weight HOWEVER it states:

It contains the same hormones as the combined pill – oestrogen and progestogen – and works in the same way by preventing the release of an egg each month (ovulation). So sounds pretty good for people with PCOS who also have fear of tablets and injections. Be good to hear from any PCOS suffers who have had this patch and how it worked for them?

Thanks guys ❤️

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Havent heard anything about the patch to be honest but as long as it is combined type which will help the pcos part then it would be worth trying. Can take 3 months to settle down going on a combined pill so would have thought it would be the same. I would be worried it would drop off and I wouldnt notice !!

Have you found any side effects from the combined pill? X

I haven't - Ive been on and off it for about 30 years now, for me it controls the symptoms really well and makes maintaining my weight easier. There are loads of different types of combined contraceptives too so it one doesnt suit try another (not so sure how many different varieties of patch there is though). I havent heard of anyone being on it tbh but it could be that people are more happy with the pill as it is tried and tested!!

Yes the patch is a newer thing that is a available you change it every 7 days and shower and swim in it and then have a week off so similar to the pill. For someone who can’t take tablets I’m really intrested in it I am going to speak with my doctor next week and will maybe update this post about it just in case anyone is thinking of trying it to. Thanks so much for your input XX

That would be great thanks as I think it is relatively new

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