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Am I too late?

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago (aged 30) but had been on dianette since I was 17 as I was having no periods. I always thought it was likely that I had PCOS as I had always had some excess hair on my snail trail and a couple of other places.

In January I came off my pill as I was ttc but within 4 months the excess hair over my body started getting worse and I started growing longer light hairs on my face. A month after that my moustache hairs started getting darker and I have now had to wax those off.

This has been upsetting me so much that I have decided to go back into the pill for now and try to regulate my hormones again but I am scared that it's too late and that the hairs on my face will start getting darker.

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do??

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Go get a follow up appointment with your doctor. Get a prescription for cream. Shave every other day and see if it helps.


Thanks, I am heading back tomorrow.

I haven't had to shave my face yet as the hairs are really light, just long. I'm hoping that by going back on the pill they won't change to dark hairs, but am scared they might still.

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Are you still wanting to conceive? I know it's a hard decision to make. I refused all forms of contraceptive based treatment for my PCOS, I found metformin helped me, it wasn't a magic fix but I was able to lose weight and my acne dramatically improved. For the hairs tweezers are my friends and wax strips for my face, epilator for belly line.

I would go see your doctor and be honest with what you want.


Thank you.

I was looking to conceive but at the moment I'm not sure I can cope with the stress of my body changing so much so hence why I am back on the pill.

I have gone back to the doctors but they are not being very helpful.

Ultimately they are not well informed about PCOS and as my symptoms aren't too noticeable at the moment (due to hair removal) they don't seem willing to help.

I already started on maca root and am about to start insitol in the hope that this helps reduce the hormone imbalance quickly.

I'm hoping I have caught the changes quickly enough to stop it getting worse so I can regroup.


No the pill does mask the symptoms and does slow down the hair growth and generally the combined contraceptive is what endocrinologists recommend to keep the symptoms at bay. I have been on and off the pill for 30 years, I know not every one likes it but for me it works.

The 6 months of coming off the pill will increase your chances of getting pregnant as well as your body is less pcos so go for it for that 6 months, may be worth getting your partner checked out too as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men so make sure he is eating well etc.

When you are pregnant you can either become less hairy or more, I was so hoping it would be the less but sadly not, I turned into a yeti!! I have since had laser on my face and it has been amazing, expensive but so worth the money (felt weird having to shave initially). In the meantime it may be worth getting an epilator that you can use on your face (get a wet and dry one and do it in the shower as it is much less painful).


Thank you so much!

It's reassuring to know that for now I am doing the right thing. I can regulate my hormones again and hopefully when I'm ready try to come off the pill again. I think next time I need to do more to control the hormones from the very beginning.


It all gets more tricky when TTC as there are so many things you cant take, especially herbal, to help with the hair. I think get you and your partner in the best shape and then come off the pill and see how it goes. Get him on the Boots vit C and zinc tablets, my hubbie had awful sperm count but it improved by over 100% in a year after taking these (and prior to that his diet was good, didnt drink or smoke so it was a shock when his count came back so bad with lots of dead and two tailed sperm). Good luck, you will get there in the end, if you dont conceive within 6 months get referred, it is a known fertility issue so you can be referred after 6 months. Look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS too so you know what you should get so the GP doesnt fob you off. It is pretty rare not to conceive just because of pcos, it can just take some patience, but you will get there in the end. There is loads of help available now too to help conceive.

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Electrolysis is good for me, great results. You can try laser, is better, but it's very expensive. I used to take the same pills, but three years ago I had a DVT and I had to leave them. My menstruation didn't come until year after, thanks to homeopathy. Now is still not very regular, but I can't complain. The stress is also no good for that. I'm only explaining you my case, perhaps you should come back to the doctor.


As Hols said, the pill does mask the symptoms as pcos is an endocrine disorder which makes your body produce more testosterone and less estrogen. Therefore pumping your body with estrogen tablets helps to level your hormones.

Unfortunately, when you come off the pill, the testosterone starts to take over and we get spotty and hairy. I didn't find out I had pcos until I came off the pill. There are different medications and different treatments for both issues but I was determined not to rely on tablet after tablet and have all the side effects that come with them. I am a huge believer that diet has a huge impact on our illnesses and conditions and finding the website pcosdietsupport.com changed my life.

Cutting out dairy from your diet will dramatically reduce and eventually rid you of spots and hirsutism. I cut out gluten, dairy, soya and refined sugar and my symptoms were either going or gone within two weeks and within 3 months I was pregnant. It's a lot of hard work and a little time consuming as you have to make a lot of meals from scratch but 100% worth it. If you are as determined as I was, you will get there. I'm currently sat cuddling my 4 week old bundle of joy :)

Good luck :) xx

Oh and have a look at deliciouslyella.com for recipe ideas. The fudge and brownies are to die for!

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Thank you for your response. I have started on this diet as well, been doing it for almost 2 weeks now. I have noticed a reduction in hair loss and that my hair doesn't seem to grow so quickly.

It's really promising to hear that this so working so well for you. I am holiday this will give me the confidence to come off the pill again and try to conceive.

I think sometimes it's the mental hurdle that is hardest when it comes to having hair in places you don't want it.

I will keep my fingers crossed!!


Oh absolutely it can really get you down. I know it's easier said than done but try to stay positive and not put too much pressure on yourself as stress makes it worse.

Glad to hear you are seeing results too, hopefully you stick at it and see the full benefits. I could not recommend it enough, it made me feel so amazing and hope it does for you too!

A bit of advice.. I actually got pregnant when we kind of stopped trying.. When you come off the pill, just try to enjoy your relationship with each other without stressing about conceiving too much. You will be less stressed and your body will be able to take on the huge job of growing a little human :) xx

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