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Is anyone else really disenchanted by this "PCOS boat" which we've all been heaped into by the nhs? Having spoken to many different women with PCOS it seems that we all have very varied symptoms. Weight gain, insulin resistance, testosterone issues, period problems, issues with hair and skin, inflammation and fertility issues to name but a few. I'm wondering if a spectrum of PCOS exists and if not why not because trying to fix us all by the same methods is not working. Until we find our own individual combination of treatments we are in the dark, blindly grabing the next suggestion. I think if women who were diagnosed were given a hand in the right direction for them as an individual it would help. I know we are all complex and unique but it would be a start!! Let me know your pick a mix below and what works n doesn't for you all x x

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  • Mine are; extremely high testosterone, difficulties losing weight, slight insulin resistance, bad skin flare ups, hair falls out on occasion, extremely painful periods, joint inflammation, issues with glands. I found the pill works well for the period issues. I can't do metformin as I end up extremely sick. Thankfully I have 1 daughter after being told children were very much off the cards. An unexpected but wonderful surprise.

  • i have exactly the same problem like you i am happy to say that i also have a beautiful daughter unfortunely the doctors won't even help me i also extramly painful periods hair loss facial hair and over weight but i am trying to lose weight by eating a fruit and veg diet i hope i have lost some weight but won't find until september which i have joined a weight clinic we both seem to have the same things in common it would be if we could keep in touch and try and help each other out and if we can progress together and if one of us slips up then we can support each other on getting back on track what do you think? let me know it would be good for both of us.

  • Sounds fab to me, I've added you to my follow list ;) keep me posted x

  • GREAT!!!!!!!! I am looking for ward to it i will keep you posted speak soon good on losing weight too.

  • hi crimson85 i am struggling with my diet i feel down and depressed and i am constantly tired i just can't be bothered to eat i feel so low what can i do? i am really fed up right now i feel like i'm not getting anywhere my problem is is that i am good at giving advice but i am not good at taking it i don't have no support at home so i am rallt struggling what can i do? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's very easy to let this whole experience of weight loss get to you. It's hard being permanently switched on to making good calls with food. It's harder making those calls and being met by slowed weight loss because of pcos. What you need to do is stop thinking about this all as a long process where you have to climb this huge mountain to get to your ultimate goal as soon as you can. This will take time and it's proven if you do it gently results stick. So just take every day one little decision at a time. Grab that fruit instead of choc. Brown instead of white. Water instead of sugary drink. Just one baby step at a time until it is habit and the norm. Don't beat yourself up over the one not so good decision to have a bit of whatever. Just move forward. Forgive yourself. You're only human. Know you can do it in your own time and you will x x x x we are all here for you

  • Have you tried slow release Metformin. I had nausea too but can tolerate this one.

  • Will ask what kind I was on next time. Didn't know there was a slow release one. Doc has fobbed me off if there is lol x

  • Hi both. I too had extremely painful periods (when they actually decided to make an appearance), spots, excess hair, headaches, fatigue, the list goes on!

    I found a pcos diet which changed my life. Within just two weeks, the weight literally dropped off, my spots had gone, I was getting my energy back, my periods became regular again and within 3 months I was pregnant.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone with pcos, I felt like a completely new woman.

    If you want to give it a go, I'd happily give you more information on it, it can be hard work and time consuming but 100% worth it :)

    Good luck to both of you, please don't give up xx

  • Hi tasha i got your message i am interested in the pcos diet that you were on please let me know i am so desperate to lose weight i have been trying for years and i have had no sucess hopefully ii will work for me please contact me soon and keep in conact too, speak soon.

  • Hi Freyja,

    Sorry for the delay, the website where I found the diet and all the info is pcosdietsupport.com and I got a lot of recipes from deliciouslyella.com.

    Basically you have to cut out gluten, dairy, soya and cut down on refined sugar. It is a lot of hard work and can be time consuming and even a little expensive (it's annoying that healthy food costs more!) but it is 100% worth it.

    Definitely give it a go, it worked so well for me and made me feel amazing.

    I'd love to hear how you get on. Feel free to contact me if you want any more help or just someone to talk to who has been through it.

    Good luck, I have everything crossed for you xx

  • thank you so much for the information i have joined up so i am just waiting for them to contact me i will stay in contact with you if that's ok thank you again for your help please keep in touch to so we can help each other freya.

  • Hi crimson85 i am sorry that i have'nt been in touch i have been really tired and trying to catchup on sleep but i am here now so i wanted to let you about something i found online there is this lady who has pcos and she has lots of reserach on it she is reallt good she have found out alot of things that can help people pcos give a try she sent you emails to keep in touch and you lots of advice the email address is tarry@pcosdietsupport.com she has found a diet that will help people with pcos it an eye opener so i am going to give a go why don't you have look it could be good.

  • How are you getting on with the diet? :) x

  • Hi tasha-jayne i am doing ok with my diet i have lost 5llbs i was really surprised i am so happy i just like to thank you for the imformation you gave me for the pcos diet it really helped me please keep in touch with me.

  • Aw good, I'm so glad it's helping you! Don't worry, I have told lots of people about it and intend on telling as many as I can, it's an amazing website, Tarryn is an amazing woman and it's life changing. I will do, it's lovely to hear how you're getting on :) x

  • Hi tasha-jayne i thought i let you know that i have lost 5llbs this month as i am under weight mangment so i am going to continue with the diet hopefully lose more weight keep you posted and thank you again you are a life saver bless you.

  • Hey, I've just noticed you missed an 'n' from Tarryn. Wouldn't want anyone not to be able to get the info x

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