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Advice please.Heavy period and pain after ruptured cyst

I recently had a ruptured cyst and a recent diagnosed Pco so trying to get my head around it all... Since that I've had a period and it was so painful (close to how i felt when the cyst ruptured) that I was having to take codien and other pain relief. Is this something that is "normal?" and to expect to continue with pco? Should I let my gp know or wait to speak to the gynacolagist as i have been referred and have the appointment at end of january as I want further investigation....Im worried I might have endo. Ant help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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A rupture cysts is a different type of cyst to a pcos cyst which is actually a follicle (name is very misleading which doesnt help. PCOS follicles tend to disperse back into the body naturally.

Pain generally is associated with endo rather than pcos as well so I would ask to be investigated for endo as well, it is not uncommon to have both conditions.

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