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Just diagnosed. What now?

Hi had my scan this morning and she confirmed my ovaries are showing signs consistent with PCOS. Had my blood test in March which also showed signs so now confirmed. Main symptoms are irregular periods (average 40 day cycle. Have been app tracking since October. Longest was 70 days shortest 27 days) spots on chin and difficulty losing weight. I'm also getting lots of skin tags but she said this wasnt a symptom. I've got to make an appointment with my gp on Monday to discuss options but I don't want to wait and don't have the greatest faith in them. I'm not trying to get pregnant but want to next year. I used to be on the pop due to migraines I couldn't have combined but they both made me crazy (irritable, depressed, paranoid etc) so I don't really want to go on them again. I know they're going to tell me to lose weight but I also have hypothyroidism due to hashimoto's, b12 deficiency, vit d deficienvy and folate deficiency. I went gluten free nearly 3 months ago and it's done nothing. My thyroid levels are good now but still don't feel 100%.

I lost about 4kg when i first started thyroxine when I levels actually got worse but that seems to have stopped now.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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I'm to hear that some things your doing aren't working too well. Diet is important as well as exercise. Just keep trying your best to feel good about your mind, body, and health. Its ok to get someone to help you with diet or anything else. It will take a while for you to understand what works best for you in managing your pcos symptoms. No woman has the same symptoms it just depends so it takes some getting use to. Hope i helped! I am always here if you need advice!😘💜

Take care💜

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The blood test alone confirmed it, you didn't really need a scan as the cysts are only a symptom and not the cause and not everyone has them. Thank goodness you do as sadly it is still thought that you must have cysts to be diagnosed.

Ask to be referred to an endocrinologist as they will be able to help on the skin front especially if you cannot go on the combined pill. Obviously once you are TTC you are very limited as to what you can take to improve your skin just in case you do get pregnant when on it.

For TTC I would just get your body in the best possible shape so low GI and cut out all white carbs as poss, also get your partner on the boots Vit C and zinc tablets as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men so there would be no harm him having a top up to give his wrigglers an extra boost. My hubbies count improved by over 100% in a year (it had lots of dead and two tailed sperm) so is definitely worth putting him on it :-)


Thank you. I think I'm going to ditch the gluten free and try cut out white carbs instead as gf has done nothing so far. I'll probably stick with some of it but not be as strict as I have for no result.

We have been pregnant before about 5 years ago but unfortunately it didn't work out. We weren't really ready anyway though. But I think that means everything is working on his end.

Just hope that wasn't our only chance x

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I eat brown stuff generally, I don't do gluten free as I don't think most of us need it (it is a popular fad tbh). I do full fat too so don't do any low fat stuff as they are full of sugar now which is worse for pcos.

Five years is a long time ago and sperm can change - I know of people that have had children and then the partner has the sperm issues a few year later.

No it wont have been your only chance so don't worry about that. Lots of help anyway if you do need it. Just get your body and your partners in the best shape for when you do want to try.


Thank you. He's in great shape which is even more frustrating because I cook the same for both of us. But he eats a lot more and eats rubbish and drinks coffee with sugar all day at work.

I tried gluten free as it's recommended for hashi's but I haven't seen a difference.

Do we have to eliminate all sugar and carbs? Or just keep it low and stick to brown? Are there any recommended amounts?

I've been eating a lot more potatoes since going gf as I haven't been allowed my wholemeal pasta so that probably hasn't helped x

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I don't cut out all carbs or sugar but don't add sugar to things generally, I eat fruit even though it is high in natural sugar, life is too short to not enjoy what you eat, I don't mind brown rice but hate brown pasta so I do have white pasta sometimes (basmati rice is ok).

I do eat potato too as I find it easier to keep my portion control under control as I can go a bit ott sometimes with pasta especially if it is white!!

You sound like you know what you are doing generally so just eat most things in moderation but avoid low fat alternatives and do as much brown stuff as you can.

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