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Just been diagnosed!

Hello- I was diagnosed with PCOS yesterday and am a bit shell shocked! I'm not symptomatic only that I struggle to loose weight- but I'm a very healthy BMI (21), I get very tired but I don't know if that's a symptom- I lead a busy life?!

I had an internal ultrasound in January and it was missed so I wasn't expecting the diagnosis, but had another scan yesterday and there they were!

I've been prescribed Clomid for fertility which I can start in a month. Has anyone any experience of this drug?

I've read diet can help but I don't know where to start?

Any advice for a new diagnosis, in relation to fertility, would be very much appreciated xx

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Low GI generally is good, we can also be low on vitamin D which could be causing the tiredness too.

What are your periods like ? Have you had your tubes checked and your partners sperm checked ? Clomid does have good success rates, but can make you feel quite emotional (so this is normal so warn your partner lol) - I am not a crier but even watching adverts made me want to cry - weird !!

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Thank you!

Yes tubes and partner checked, all fine. It's just my dodgy ovaries that are the problem. Periods are heavy, last 3-5 days and my cycle can be anything from 34-41 days.

Thanks for the tip about emotions! That's a goodie x

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High testosterone levels along with elevated insulin levels are a strong indication of PCOS also. Have you had these tests done? Wishing you the very best!


Thank you. Yes has blood tests but they were last year and showed that I ovulated that month. Looking at my cycles with the doctor after the scan he thinks I do ovulate occasionally and it just happens that my blood tests were on that month.

Trying to get my head around it all and the diet stuff!


It is rare not to conceive with pcos so try not to worry too much, our egg quality remains better for longer so we can conceive later in life (I was 36 when I conceived Noah, who is 11). You will get there in the end, just keep your partners diet good too as sperm can change (get him on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets as this will boost his wrigglers too).


Thank you for the reassurance x

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