Struggling to cope with my PCOS

Ive been diagnosed with PCOS for about 5years now, not been on any contraception for 3years as none agreed with me and been also trying for a baby. My cycle is like a yoyo and my body thinks its constantly ovulating. Ive had 1 false positive on a pt. Ive just started to get darkening on my chin hair and stomach. Im starting to struggle with all the side effects and wondered how others are managing thiers??

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  • Hi😊 I'm 19 and was diagnosed a few months ago. The only way i'm managing mine is by taking Metformin 500mg. My gynecologist actually wants my dose to go up to 2000mg. I don't exercise and eat healthy--yet. I would recommend getting a dietian which could help you. We don't realize that certain foods we eat can throw off our hormones at times. But with the body hair, i just try to remove the hairs under my chin by nicking them with a non-electric razor.

    I hope i helped a little. You can chat with me anytime you need to! Hopefully other people will have more advice about managing PCOS. Its a horrible condition.

  • Thanks for the reply!! My Dr and Gyne have both refused to put me on metaformin as my sugar levels are ok and my weight isnt an issue (now ive lost weight). I tend to stay away from dairy as that can elevate hormones and soya is the enemy!

    I've used a No!No! For my hair removal on my chin but its not great and no chance on my legs!! Im u fortunately allergc to wax so I have to shave my legs everyday and keep to plucking my chin.

    Thanks for the advice given, anything you may want advice on just ask, I done so much research and trial an errors of my own i could write a book lol but i just havent mastered the spots n hair situ haha!

  • Oh i understand and your welcome! I'm still trying to learn things myself! Thanks!

    So the No! No! doesn't work? And what foods are we not supposed to eat with PCOS???

  • Its a shame as it's not something that many people know about so its us just trying what works for us and depending on charity research which is limited. Its also a shame that the most common given treatment is the contraceptive pill and from the vast majority of research I have done has mostly come up with that it makes pcos worse.

    The NO!NO! Didnt work for me especially on my legs (so im still having to shave them everyday!) but it did work slightly on my chin but the hair came back through so much longer than they was before.

  • Well as i said before every bit of research I have done said not to have soya at all! I unfortunatelymade the mistake before knowing this and switched all dairy to soya and i can say from first hand experience it did make my symptoms worse. The fresher the food the better as a lot of processed food has hidden sugars which elevates insulin levels making symptoms worse.

  • Thanks😘❤

  • I've been put on metformin and my sugar levels are fine and my weight is ideal so it's interesting they won't put you on it. I'm yet to see any improvement but it's early days for me. I've heard the tweezy is good for removing facial hair but not tried myself x

  • That is intetesting, all i know is that they said it wouldnt be beneficial for me. I do use tweezers for the hairs i do get on my chin. I thinl a trip to my gp is in order to get an update on it all.

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