Struggling with my emotions lately!


For the past few weeks I have been like an emotional rollercoaster and I'm really struggling handling it. Il be fine then next minute I find myself really angry or really upset. I feel like with PCOS the doctors tel you that's what it is and then leave you to it I think there needs to be more support for it considering there are no cures. I have always had body issues from being a teenager anyway and now the excess hair and spots is just too much to deal with. We have been trying to get pregnant for a year and 2 months now so haven't been able to hve anything for the spots and hair. There has also been a lot going on within my family adding extra stress and I find myself bursting into tears randomly or getting very angry with my partner over the slightest things. I just don't know what to do at the moment. I also thought I may be pregnant this month as I hve had very sore boobs which I never get and a weird feeling/taste in my mouth but low and behold day 45 and I come on my period I usually come on between day 30 and 36. So anongst the stress my body is playing tricks on me!

Should I be considering talking to someone somehow? Anyone had an experience with this?

Feel like I have hit a wall lately and feel so full of anger and upset especially when I see perfect pretty women :-(. help!!

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  • Anxiety and depression are linked to pcos, sadly as you are TTC you probably should not be on anti depressants - I found TTC the most depressing time of my life - it took 3 years to conceive Noah and it is why we only have the one as I just couldnt do it again, it was hell, so I do feel for you xx

  • I was fine for a few months but it has just got progressively worse and now I am feeling like this every other week and I'm just worried as I start a new job in September too.

    Thank you

  • You are stressed too which is making it worse. Remember you are the perfect pretty woman to your other half :-)

    All I would suggest is exercise to try and combat the stress, and things that help you de-stress as well, TTC is bl**dy stressful as it is without the other stress you have going on

  • Hey, just wanted to say you're not alone. TTC is stressful and hard to cope regardless of PCOS- that just adds extra stress! I can entirely empathise with you and have been considering counselling or something of the like, just not sure where to start. The problem is we can't get away from the thing causing us upset- when you're TTC you feel every twinge of your body even more than before. Try and remember this is normal, most women will feel like this especially when you get a negative test. Xxx

  • Hiya, thank you for your reply! That's exactly what I have been thinking. I am waiting for a doctors appointment for my ovulation results at the moment so I'm thinking of talking to her about my feelings and seeing what she suggests I do. My body definitely likes playing tricks on me I got used to not doing tests for months as I knew I wouldn't be pregnant then this month just felt different and got my hopes up. But ah well no point stressing too much over it.

    Thank you


  • Sorry to hear things are tough for you. My situation is almost exactly the same as yours and my mood swings have become quite unmanageable. I have been referred to a fertility counsellor which has really helped coz it's all pocs linked. Here if you want to message anytime :-)

  • Oh really. Was that referred from your GP or the hospital? Thank you very much!

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