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Worried that my PCOS is going to spoil brother's wedding

Worried that my PCOS is going to spoil brother's wedding

My brother's getting married in a couple of weeks and with how unpredictable my AF is I'm worried that they will make an unwanted appearance whilst me n my fiance are away.

I'm worried that my AF is going to appear eitger before or even worse in my brother's wedding day and I don't want either to happen.

How can I prevent my PCOS making an unwanted appearance whilst me n my fiance are away and also making an extremely unwanted appearance on the day of my brother's wedding as I don't to spoil my brother's wedding day.

I need to make an appointment with my doctor for a medication review, but it's impossible to get through to the surgery at the min to get an appointment.

My PCOS is getting that bad it's making it hard for me n my fiance to be intimate with each other as my AFs appear and disappear whenever they feels like it.

The Assisted Reproductive Unit at our local hospital referred me and my fiance back to our GP as we had missed a few appointments even though I'd emailed them to let them know that we were unable to get to our appointment as they would be for days when we were unable to get to the hospital as we live closer to the town centre than the hospital and that we only get paid monthly.

Can anyone please suggest anything that can help? :(

The photo is of me and my wonderful fiance.

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Sadly it may too late to take anything that would prevent it, the combined pill can control the symptoms but when you first take it it can be a bit hit and miss and takes 3 months to settle down. There are things that can force a period (you must make sure you have 4 a year to keep your uterus healthy) but I would worry about those too in case it prolongs it. I dont know of anything herbal to help either as generally people want things to start a period rather than to make sure they dont have one.

Are your periods particularly bad, is that why you dont want it or is it the fact you dont want it to spoil the weekend away ?

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