Pcos and blocked fallopian tubes?

Hi I have pcos and me and my husband have been ttc for a year now with no luck our fertility doc requested I have my tubes check which I have done but we don't get results till January we are hoping all is ok but I was just wondering if any1 on here knows if there's a link between pcos and blocked tubes? And also if any1 knows if it can be treated very worried but just want abit info on what to expect. Many thanks for your time xx

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  • I was reading on NHS choices about PCOS and it was saying that there is no cure for it just pain management I haven't got PCOS just one large cyst on one ovary . And got more appointments with gynocology xx

  • Thanks for reply I understand there is no cure for pcos and I am lucky as it dosnt cause me any pain. I was more wondering if pcos causes blocked tubes as if my tubes are clear my doctors said she is going to give me tablets to make me ovulate but if not I may need ivf :(

    A big difference so very worried about results and don't get them till the new year so it's hard with xmas coming up etc.


  • It is hard with festive seasons coming.. Hun try not to be down if you need IVF I may need it myself for a different reason.. Try not to get yourself worked up I know that is harder said than done when you are panicked and worrying. Xx

  • Thanks hun your right to be fair if we need ivf we would just be grateful for it too I think it's amazing what they can do and just pray for it to work. I have type 1 diabetes also so sometimes it can feel like it's just not ment to be but I guess you got to make your own luck in life :)

    These battles can only make us all stronger :) xx

  • Together on here we can get through it all honey XX

    Been on heck of a journey for me so far but I got 2 good results out of many up to now .. As my nan says .. Climb those stairs start on the bottom step and work our way to the top step xx

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