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Constant periods with pcos


Hi, I'm new here and wanted to ask if anyone else has similar symptoms to me. I have recently been diagnosed with pcos at 20 years old, the main reason for this diagnosis was due to me experiencing constant periods since October (this is still a continuing problem) I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this and whether they know the reason behind these continuous problem. Thank you

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Hi,i dont have constant periods but i do suffer with heavy brown discharge+sometimes a few days of spotting.i also feel crampy and like im going 2 come on but dont.ive had an internal scan which just showed my pcos and ive been told its going 2 go on the pill but dont know which is best for pcos.xx

I made a post on bere about a couple of weeks ago as I am also experiencing prolonged bleeding/periods. I have been bleeding since November, bleeding since then with a few days every few weeks where I'm spotting so I'm basically always bleeding.

When I told a GP about the bleeding I was referred for an ultrasound scan. I have now been to see a GP to find out the scan results and it looks like they think I have PCOS - the ultrasound scan report/results said both my ovaries are enlarged so I am assuming that's what polycystic ovaries look like on an ultrasound(?) I was given a print out of pages with info about PCOS and when I told the GP I am still bleeding I was offered the pill to help stop the bleeding and possibly Metformin but the GP wanted to do hormone blood tests first. I have now had the blood tests done and they have come back "normal" within range . I am seeing a GP again soon so will be interesting to see what they say now my FSH and LH has been tested.

I can't remember being told why it causes prolonged bleeding, so I can't help with that sorry but it is so frustrating isn't it bleeding for so long. I see a lot of PCOS ladies have the opposite, going ages between periods, so I was confused by the constant bleeding.

Princess09 in reply to Jann207

Hi,when youre bleeding is it like a period or heavy spotting/discharge.i get this every few wks and period symptoms but its not a period,its when i wipe and a bit on a pant liner but i dont need 2 wear a towel.sorry 4 the info!ive had an ultrasound,i havent had bloods but previously theyve said my levels are typical of someone with pcos.i was given the pill but was scared 2 take it cos was told the combined pill was more risky after 35.i was put on metformin when i was trying 2 conceive and it stopped this funny intermittant bleeding straight away and then i started having period every 6-8 wks then started clomid.its so frustrating,i dont want 2 have sex for fear of stuff coming out and when its there i feel really low.i hope u get sorted.xx

Jann207 in reply to Princess09

Hi Princess09, well at the moment it's spotting and then it can be a light bleed and then spotting again. Over the past 7-8 months most of the time I was bleeding heavily, heavy bright red blood having to wear two pads. It has changed a bit lately, just lately it's more spotting or very light bleeding. I notice it most when I wipe after urinating, there will be blood on the tissue which is sometimes very light pink, sometimes like normal blood, sometimes there are just dots/specks of blood and a few times I've had a watery brown colour on the tissue which I feel is a discharge - when it's like this there is only a small amount of blood on the pad. I hope that makes sense. I find it a little difficult to explain as my bleeding is really just all over the place just lately, it can change from day to day and feel as though I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I do have some other symptoms I forgot to tell the doctor so I'll mention them next time I go.

Thank you, I hope so too. It gets me down and I am not in a relationship, so don't have the added stress of bleeding and intimacy so I can totally understand your frustration and it getting you down. I hope you can also get this sorted.

Princess09 in reply to Jann207

Thats exactly what im getting at the can sometimes be more like old blood but the past couple of days its been more like brown watery discharge.the thing is i feel crampy,backache like when im going 2 come on but i know i wont.i feel like im getting a surge of hormones but my body doesnt know what its doing.feel worried+down,dont really know what 2 do.i asked if i d be having bloods done and neither the docs or gynae have done them.i had my bloods done years ago and was told my levels were back 2 front?!i had a miscarriage as well,i conceived naturally but my hormone levels didnt rise to continue the pregnancy.both my children were with the help of clomid+with my 2nd metformin 2.when i took the metformin all the break through bleeding stopped.i hope it wks 4 u if they put u on it.xx

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