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Acne - what is the solution?

Hi i was diagnosed aged 14 with PCOS and have had very bad acne. I am now 19 and was on dianette pill for 2 years i decided to go off and then got worse acne of my life. I am tired of not leaving the house and feeling bad about my self because of my skin. Does anyone else have any alternatives to the acne besides going on the pill? i am trying to balance out my hormones naturally through TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

Was wondering if anyone has tried roaccutane? or any other acne alleviating methods besides going on the pill?

any help would be appreciated.

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Hey sorry to hear about your acne. I'm 21 and have had it since 13 on and off. It's got really bad the past 3 years and I've had dalacin topical ointment, zineryt and now on duac. The only thing is they work for a bit then you become used to it. Roaccutane is really the last option as they're really reluctant to prescribe it but do try for the duac x


Hi thanks for you reply. <3 Yeah its a tough journey especially when your no longer a teenager....I've been on duac twice and doesnt seem to have any affect on me :( seeing a derm on monday so hopefully i'll get prescribed something else? Have you been on roaccutane?


Hi I was diagnosed at 14 and I'm now 33 I've tried a lot of things for my skin and pcos. I ended up with minera coil which helped control my weight as well. I also went down the vitamin route and found out about some pills called accumax made a company called environ it is completely certified. They are expensive but I think worthe my skin glowed. U may be too young for the dr to put you on the minera but I wish I had been put on it in my earlynsey 20s. I first got it 7 years age and in seven years my weight has gone back to what it was when I was 14.....def worth a try. It also helped my moods I find pcos made me moody but coil never did. Good luck xx


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