Duac Gel for acne

Why have I not discovered this before?? I had previously had to manage topical treatment with Zineryt which worked at first but was messy and smelly. I started this gel on Monday and the results started overnight! Massive reduction in cystic acne severity. Redness reduced greatly- less angry looking. I am praying this is the answer to getting my skin clear again. Anyone else tried it??

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  • Yes I use it, have been since January. I have tried stopping it and the spots come straight back. So I am wondering do I have to use this forever?

  • Maybe but that's no biggy for what you get from it right?

  • Great! good luck with it, I will make a note. Many thanks! :-)


  • Did you get it on prescription?

  • Yes I did. A different doctor suggested it, in my usual practice so I thought why not?! It's a little itchy when it goes on, but a small price to pay.

  • I'm currently on duac and finding it better than the zineryt also. I think our skin becomes immune to the antibiotics so it stops working after a while. It's the best thing I've used in a while and I've tried a lot of products lol x

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