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Any one relate to this?

I've had pcos for about 9 years. Last year I had sudden extreme anxiety for no reason I could think of. I noticed it was especially round my periods. I was put on antidepressants which worked to an extent. I was then put on the pill which had more progesterone in it and it has really helped. Been on it 6 months now. The thing I'm finding annoying at the moment is that I have songs in my head from time I wake up. Snippets of songs from adverts or programmes or pop songs. I do have ocd too. Just wondered what would help me? I need to lose weight so just waiting to pick up a prescription's for metformin. Had a blood test for celiac but it was negative. Do you think losing weight could help? What could cause extreme anxiety and hormone imbalance? Hope someone can help

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Hi I thought it was just me that woke up humming! The anxiety is a symptom of pcos along with depression. You don't have to be celiac to be untolerant to wheat gluten, people with pcos are intolerant to it along with dairy, soya and sugars. All these things send are bodies into panic increasing our insulin output and when that doesn't work our ovaries produce testosterone to deal with the hit of sugar/carbs. Start reducing or completely getting rid of those from your diet and things should start getting better, it will kick start your weight loss too (no need to wait for metformin) google the vitamins and supplements you need and get chatting with your gp.



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