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Month Long Period!?!?

Hi everyone, i am 29 and I have been bleeding for a month straight. This is the first time since I started my period at 16 that I have experienced this. I saw a doctor last week and he gave me medication to stop the bleeding, all it did was reduce it to spotting. Unfortunately today I am bleeding heavy again and I don't know what to do. When I saw the doctor last he did tests and I am not pregnant and nothing was detected in my urin. Has anyone experience this??

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Hi Eleanor,

Sorry to hear about your problem. I don't know if you have already been diagnosed with PCOS, if you have, then you can rest easy with knowing that this can be one of the associated symptoms.

There are times when I have bleed for 6 months non-stop :(, spent a lot of money on pads, and like you the medication did not work (however, when I went back on the pill it stopped).

There has also been times when I bleed for 3 months and it stops without taking any action as I feel like I am a burden on the Dr.

My advise will be to decide what is best for you, can you manage the bleeds without going on the pill? (this is the better option if you are trying for a baby)

Work with the Dr to find a suitable medication, perhaps metformin might help?

I hope this response, somehow reassures you that you are not alone.


I have a beautiful Dr. and pregnant with my second -- both conceived naturally, so don't worry about your ability to conceive.


hi I am 17 and I have been diagnosed with pcos, it almost took a year for me to get diagnosed. i didn't have any periods for a very long time. i started my period at 9 years old. i had some regular ones in the beginning and then several months and i gained weigh. i didn't even know about pcos until couple of months ago. i had to take norethiserone to induce period.


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