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Doctor unwilling to prescribe combined Pill

Hi, my daughter saw her doctor today to discuss the consultants recommendations and while it was agreed she could now take Metformin and Spironolactone the doctor refused to prescribe the combined pill because of her BMI level. He said that as it was over 30 he was not allowed to give it. He said she would need to lose weight before he could do so.

Is this a common response from Doctors?

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I should add that even if my daughter can get her weight down the doctor was unwilling to prescribe Yasmin. He would only prescribe a generic cheap brand.

He said he did not believe that it would make any difference even though my daughter tried to explain that she needed one which had little or no androgenic activity.

If she can get her weight down is it possible to get Yasmin through another route.?


Mine is 30.6 (last time I checked) - I have been on the pill when I was 2 stone heavier too but have heard of this before with very overweight ladies - what is her BMI (even tho they know BMI is rubbish!!)

I personally would ask her to be referred to an endocrinologist as pcos their area and not a GP. Look at the NICE guidelines as you should be referred.


He weighed her today and it was 34.


It is on the higher side which increases the risk sadly. I would still ask to be referred, if her blood pressure is good then an endo may approve it as it will control the symptoms and help her lose weight too (does for me)


My doctor was the same she said she doesnt reccomend the pill untill i lose weight.

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She has seen an endocrinologist and at that meeting he mentioned taking the combined pill. Today’s appointment with the doctor was to discuss what was in the endocrinologists letter. Today was the first time she had seen his letter and he had not mentioned the combined pill (only the two other drugs). My guess is that when he went back over her details he saw that her weight was too high and left it off the letter.

My daughter raised the point about the combined pill with the doctor today and to be fair he would have given her the pill (cheap brand) but once he checked her weight he said no way. All I can hope is that the other drugs will help her start to shed some weight so she can go on the pill.


I would contact the endo again and ask if they can prescribe yasmin as the GP wont. What pill did the GP suggest (I presume it was a pop pill rather than combined?) as I will see if I can find any info about it from a pcos point of view.


It will be difficult as we have to go back through the doctor to see the endo. We didn’t want to see the endo in our own hospital as my husband and I have dealt with them before with our own illnesses so we had to ask the doctor to refer us to the endo in the next town. If we ask our doctor to re refer us he’s going to be annoyed as it’s clear we are trying to go over his head. Sigh.

I had wondered about seeing the PCOS consultant privately in London but if he writes to our doctor saying for our daughter to be put on the pill my doctor is again going to think we’ve gone over his head. He hates being pushed into a corner and doubly hates patients who look things up on the web!!

He didn’t mention a particular make of tablet. He just said generic. Really helpful!. He didn’t intend to give her anything so that part of the conversation was over quickly.


I don't see her weigh being a problem as I'm little over weigh my self yet I wasn't prescribe both as a combination I was just prescribed the metformin but unfortunately it didn't seem to do anything for me try getting a second opinion hope this help


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