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Hello beautiful people,

I need some help and advice, and this is all new to me!

I have suffered with pcos since I was 13. One period and nothing for years, a few tests later and boom there are the cysts....everywhere. This was nearly 10 years ago.

I've been back and forth regarding periods and pain, and I'm on the pill. I haven't had a period for about 2.5 years now, but when I do I bleed for months. It's painful, and makes me throw up.

Today I went to the Drs as I have been getting the most awful aching pain in my lower left abdomen and into my back and legs. When pressed its really tender. Some days it's so painful it makes me throw up. I've put on weight really quickly and have the delight of more hair and bad acne. The Dr said he doesn't think it's pcos related and has given me naproxen to take and to go for a blood test.

Talking to my sister about it all, and she thinks that it's possible I may have endometriosis too? Does anybody suffer with both and be able to help give me some advice?

I know the blood test will show (or not) what's going on, but I'm so confused :S

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I've heard endometriosis can happen with PCOS, I was recently told the Mirena implant is good for thinning the uterus lining to reduce likelihood of buildup due to not ovulating. Maybe worth changing doctors if he isn't helping fix you? Although perhaps the blood test will help.


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