I had a feeling i had PCOS, but never went to the doctor & finally after years i went on sunday for the scan & got my results (wednesday). I have it, polysistic ovaries. My BMI is high, I don't have periods (maybe one a year) & i am really struggleing with what to do with myself. I eat healthy, I go the the gym (i cant shift the weight) and i really need some help/support/advice. Could anyone, please help me? Thankyou in advance x


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  • Make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy, this is crucial to avoid any issues, they can give you something to force a period.

    Low GI and we need to eat considerably less than non pcos ladies just to maintain our weight, if you ate the RDA we would still put on 2lb a month so over a stone a year. Cut out all white carbs as they make the symptoms worse.

    Also you don't need to do high impact exercise, weight resistant exercise is best so the more muscle you have the better.

  • i have one period a year if im lucky, my first one this year was last week & im certain (sounds crazy) my areoplane ride brought it on, first time iv been on a plane too! & i do eat less, just because being over weight i no i have to manage my portions and what i intake ect! white carbs i do need to come off tho, so its probably best i cut them out altogether! & iv alway done 20 minutes high impact excerise, its part of my training as a sports person. I never thought too much into doinn extra weights tho, thankyou!

  • Hi. I'm really sorry you are feeling like this and do understand how much PCOS can get you down. I have had similar problems to what you describe and have found that additional steps have helped for the weight to start coming down. I found it useful to read the sections in PCOS books (available on Amazon) on herbal supplements and alternative therapies. The alternative therapies didn't seem to do much but the herbal supplements seem to help. I take Berberine, Milk Thistle, Saw Palmetto, a good multivitamin, extra B vitamins and omega 3 capsules. I also take St John's Wort to boost mood a little, which makes dealing with the day to day symptoms a bit easier (note you can't take this if you are on the pill and if may also interact with other meds so check with your Dr). If you become a member of PCOS charity Verity (£15 per year) they send you a membership pack with lots of pamphlets on things that can help besides food and exercise so that may give you some more ideas. All the best x

  • thankyou, it beats me up so much. I never thought about investing in some PCOS books, sounds like something im going to do, so thankyou for that! & i dont like milk, but im always unsure on which vitamins i should take and what for? im not on the pill, but i am open to trying any herbal supplements as long as you (if you dont mind) explaining what they do! I think im going to become a member, 15£ a year is the least i could do, to be helped in the long run! Thankyou ever so much, all the best to you too!!x

  • The saw palmetto helps to lower testosterone which in turn helps with lots of the PCOS symptoms. The milk thistle (not milk just a plant based herbal tablet to take with water) helps with liver function which in turn helps balance your hormones out. It is recommended to make sure you are getting a certain amount of other vitamins to help deal with insulin resistance and level out hormones (including zinc, the B vitamins etc) so a good multivitamin is a good start and you can take extra supplements on top if that proves useful to you. Some trial and error may be needed - the books are great but can seem overwhelming at first but persevere and I hope you feel more in control of the symptoms soon!

  • We can be low in vitamin D so take extra supplements if you feel tired etc

  • I would recommend talking to a qualified dietician. Not follow advice from 'nutritionists' or food dads or food restrictions.

  • And I also recommend asking GP to get tested for thyroid. Once I found I had hypothyroidism I got tratment and the symptoms from PCOS changed. Hormones are complex and not limited to PCOS

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