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i need getting pregnant tips urgently please help

hi everyone im 22 and trying to get pregnant and need getting pregnant tips urgently i dont ovulate and have irregular periods i dont need help with insemination because im using a sperm donor [assisted conception] im already losing weight and its easy its just melting off due to meformin its a very good medication its awesome im taking herbal supplements to try to regulate my periods and ovulation plus hormones and i want to go back on my progesterone cream to raise my progesterone levels in my blood i dont want to use birth control unless its to induce a period then if that happends ill go buy clomid at an online pharmacy that i trust that was my first idea im also taking a over the counter prenatal i bought only for cheap if anyone has anymore ideas for me please message me please thanx : )

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You are willing to go as far as taking clomid not prescribed by a Dr?

As someone with PCOS I would say the secret to getting pregnant is relax! Breath and it will happen if you have no medical conditions to stop it from happening.

Like you I took prenatal care (pregnacare) but just making love and trying out yoga. I will advise you see your GP who will prescribe clomid if you need it -- I think you need to be monitored for them to know the right dosage or something.

Goodluck xxx




I've always found my periods link to my weight. But you say it's just 'falling off' maybe it's a waiting game before those periods begin again. I completely agree you need to relax. You can even tell from your post you're thinking of a million different things at once!

I tried different diets to see what would compliment my PCOS symptoms and being Gluten Free brought back my periods for a time, which meant I could get pregnant naturally. Maybe look into some kind of diet management.

That said, I also did accupuncture (just once) and my partner will swear to you it was that that brought about the one period I needed to conceive.

Breathe, relax it'll happen eventually.


thanks thats conforting

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