can anyone help

hi, im new to this and i havnt been doing any other posts or anything but i thought i would ask for some advice or help? i havnt been diagnosed with PCOS, i havnt even been to see a doctor cos i dont want to be told i have something when i dont feel it, but i have a few of the symptoms for pcos but not all of them. i have regular cycles, but not the last one cos i missed that and i definitely not pregnant even though my fiancee and i are trying for a baby.

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  • I had pretty regular cycles but rarely ovulated (a period doesn't mean you are ovulating). I would go to the GP, list all the symptoms you have and take it from there, as it is a known fertility issue then you will be referred sooner to the fertility clinic. It is pretty rare not to conceive just because of pcos so don't worry from that point of view.

  • thank you for replying so quickly

  • I'd go get checked out. They'll either confirm your fine or just send you for tests 😊

    I went thinking it'd be fine as I only had a few symptoms (mainly the irregular cycles). I was sent for a scan and blood test and was diagnosed with PCOS.

    Always worth knowing in my opinion as you can plan ahead - or get your mind put at ease. I've been told I can go back for fertility treatment in around 9 months of trying. Without any diagnosis or anything wrong I think it's longer, around a year, depending on age etc.

    Worth knowing in my opinion 😊I wasn't going to start trying for a kid for another few years but with the diagnosis and discussions with my doc we have been trying now. As it may take a little longer and I'll probably need a bit of help. So I'm personally glad I went x

  • thank you for replying so quickly. I think I will get checked out cos we have been trying for a baby but that's when these things have been more noticeable. Thanks for letting me know what you have experienced

  • Always the way isn't it! We've been trying too but no luck yet. Even with PCOS there is things they can do to help though if you do struggle. Good luck with it 🙂

  • that's true, only thing is I'm 32 in a few weeks and if I'd known before I would have tried then. But I've just got engaged to the person I want to have a family with

  • Our egg quality lasts longer than non pcos ladies so you have a while before you need to listen for the ticking clock (I was 36 when I conceived Noah who is now 11) so we can conceive much later than the norm. You have LOADS of time so don't worry.

  • thank you, you are the only one who has made me feel that time is not ticking against me

  • Yes you have lots of time! I ve just got pregnant and I'm 39, no interventions just a low GI diet and I gave up sugar. And I saw a herbalist which I think helped to regulate my cycle

  • thank you,you've given me hope and I hope everything is good with you

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