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Getting pregnant with Metformin?

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Hello ladies, this is my first post here. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 years ago and was around the time me and my husband starting TTC- we'd just got married and I'd had a laporoscopy to get rid of some endometriosis legions on my bowel and uterus. Always had irregular periods and was put on metformin to stimulate ovulation after not bleeding for a year. I have time and time again been given bad advice from doctors and this doctor didn't tell me anything about metformin aside from it 'stimulating ovulation'. So when my periods started again I stopped taking it.

After a horrible and painful 4 months of unsuccessfully trying (timed, regimented etc!) I've just been speaking to a family member who is a doc who said I shouldn't have come off metformin and it is used to help women with PCOS to get pregnant.

Why has no one told me this?! After 4 years of seeing docs, gynaecologists and gum nurses I feel like crying if taking the bloody (excuse the choice of word) tablets again may help me conceive?

Any help/ experience or advice greatfully received.

From a πŸ˜– pained women Xxxx

10 Replies

Metformin is a difficult one - it is not licenced to treat pcos ladies, it is primarily a diabetes drug or for pcos ladies who are insulin resistant (not all pcos ladies are, I am not). There is a worry that ladies are being prescribed metformin when they are not IR and what the long term damage may be.

Were you tested for insulin resistance prior to being put on it ? there is no evidence that metformin helps you conceive BUT metformin is often given to ladies who are overweight and the awful symptoms cause the weight loss which then in turn helps you conceive. Have you not been given clomid to try? I presume your hubbies sperm is good? Were you referred to fertility or is this at the GP ??

Generally what is done for pcos ladies TTC is (it does seem to vary from NHS area to NHS area tho!

- Laparoscopy to zap cysts and check tubes are clear (I presume they did this when you had the lap for endo??) Zapping the cysts can increases your chances of conceiving for about 6 months after (then the cysts often start to return for some ladies, not all tho) - this should be done first as clomid has a time limit so if your tubes are blocked then it wastes that medication)

- clomid - varying doses

- clomid plus injections to force ovulation as clomid only produces more follicles in the hope that one will take that leap.

- then IUI, IVF or ICSI.

Have a look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS as it advises what to expect from the NHS with PCOS.

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Thank you so much for the reply. I've never been massively 'overweight' - my BMI always around 28 but I had blood tests ( 4 years ago) that showed low SHBG- insulin resistance? And I was led to believe that this was linked to/ causing PCOS.

Hubbys sperm is fine πŸ™‚

When I've spoken to the doc about clomid she said we both have to go through all the testing/ seeing a gynaecologist again ☹️ But I hadn't highlighted the PCOS-- do you think that might make a difference. I feel like I just need something to kick start my body!

Thanks again

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If you have been diagnosed with pcos then that should be in your notes. I would start pushing because 4 years of trying to conceive is bl**dy depressing - you still sound sane to me surprisingly lol!!!

If you are IR then you need to stay on the metformin as this will keep your system move level and for you to have less spikes. I personally would go back on it. if you do get the sh*ts then they do do a slow release version which is more gentle on the stomach.

Hi there, I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17, now 33. After conceiving naturally in 2014 (after 10 years with my husband and no contraception) which ended in a tragic stillbirth, I have seen several fertility specialists. I am not insulin resistant but was prescribed 3 x 500mg of metformin daily to aid ovulation. I started taking this in April this year and found out I was pregnant in June. It has been a wonder drug for me! I am taking the same dose throughout my pregnancy to reduce likelihood of gestational diabetes. Also, I haven't lost any weight whilst being on metformin, but it has certainly aided ovulation. I have classic PCOS but have healthy ovaries otherwise and plenty of eggs still at nearly 34. I recommend getting yourself to a good fertility specialist who can help assess your personal circumstances and advise an appropriate course of action.

Otherwise, stick with the metformin (at the highest dose you can manage as prescribed) and good luck!

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Bride2be in reply to merrohawk83

Thank you merrohawk83. So reassuring to hear. And I'm sorry to hear about your heartbreak too. It's such a painful journey.

Im tempted to go and see a gynaecologist/ fertility specialist privately as I'm kind of fed up with the NHS when it comes to conceiving. I just want some solid advice on my situation and not be messed about or fobbed off!

Got to stay positive and keep hoping!

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Hols969 in reply to Bride2be

We have lots of local Facebook groups for Verity so you may be able to get a recommendation from someone in your area as some are better and more up to date with pcos than others!

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Thank you- I'm in Essex so will have a look and see if anyone can make any recommendations here or in London. I'm staying sane- mainly due to the wonderful family I have as support. I'm also driven on by the fact that I am an IVF baby and for years people told my mum she couldn't have children and after a lot of persistence and heartache she had me and my brother. So I'm not going to loose faith. Aside from the PCOS me and my hubby are healthy enough so it should be ok 🀞

Thanks again.

K x

Hi there, I would definitely take the metformin again. I'm not overweight (bmi 20) and had no signs of insulin resistance so was started on clomid. This did nothing for me, didn't make me ovulate so my consultant put me on metformin 1500mg a day and straight away after taking it for 2 weeks, I ovulated and fell pregnant- it was a wonder drug for me even though no one can explain why it worked! I'm still on it to try and prevent miscarriage so I'm now just praying this is it for us! Good luck xx

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Bride2be in reply to AVN1

Thanks you for another reassuring story. And congratulations. I'm seeing the doc tomorrow so will hopefully come away with some help!

Thanks for your wishes and good luck with your journey! K x

Just back from the doctor and she was wonderful. I'm back on Metformin and been referred to gynaecologist for possible clomid/ ivf depending on how we get on. Just got to look after myself now which is easier said than done!

Thank you for the support- it is good to know I am not alone

K x

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