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Help am I pregnant I'm confused?


Hi my names Kristina and I'm 21 years old and I have pcos I was put on metformin two nearly three months ago and ever since then I been having regular periods I was due on, 03/08/16 I haven't had a period but yesterday I woke up and started getting very light spot of blood on my sanitary towels and today I woke up and since about 12.00pm today the bleeding has completely stopped and I'm losing like a yellowish discharge. Am I pregnant because I don't know what to look out for as this would be my first pregnancy.

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Have you seen your doctor about the issue? When was your last period(before this posting)?

Hi my last period was the 05/07/2016 and no not yet I don't know but if I am would I get a positive as soon as I take a test.

Depends on when you are taking the test. Even if you do it in the morning, you are not 100% getting a true positive. Please have the doctor do a second pregnancy test if the home test says that you are. Better safe than sorry.

OK thank you.

You're welcome!

the best you can do is to see your doctor they will help you if you are worried i would see them asap everything will ok so just go to the doctors to get it sorted out let me know how you get on good luck.

I will make an appointment with go this week it just I only had spotting for two days and ever since I been getting pregnancy symptoms such as lower back pain, hips are killing me, weird tummy pains like kinda dyll , no period pains, missed period but today I've woke up with the same symptoms but my breasts are extremely sore my nipple ad my areolas.

why don't you take a pregnancy test if you are pregnant then still see the doctor to confirm it if you are not pregnant then still see the doctor and find out what he says please don't worry everything will be ok keep in touch and let me know how you get good luck.

I will do thanks

i will be thinking of you good luck keep in touch.

don't worry everything will be ok let me know how you get on and don't worry the doctors will sort you out .

Hi Kristina did you go to the doctors? and are you are pregnant or was it something esle? i hope you are pregnant that would be fantastic!!!!!

I went doctor they think it could be the metformin that made me spot but I haven't heavy bleed since and my boobs are still sore

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