On 22 June Jacqui Moran and friends will be walking from the Albert Bridge to the iconic Tower Bridge as part of the "Walk for Life" project. The walk will take place on the flat and will be about six miles, with refreshment stops along the way, and plenty of interesting things to see.

If you live within travelling distance of London why not join Jacqui and have a wonderful day and help to raise funds for Vasculitis UK.

You can read all about Jacqui's little adventure on her JustGiving page:


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  • We'll be there

  • Fantastic, thanks antony. We should be able to catch some attention, raise awareness and some cash for VUK also :-) x

  • hi jacqui,

    I tried to use the link from the vasculitis webpage to register for the walk this year but the link wouldn't go through for some reason. I hope you don't mind, me reaching out to you, in this manner instead.

    thanks so much.

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for your interest. We are not holding a Thames River Path Walk this year but will be in 2017. Details will be published on here as soon as it has been arranged.

    Best wishes

    Jacqui :-)

  • Hello,

    I live in London and would love to take part!

    Sorry stupid question, it's a walk right, not a run?

    Because I don't think I'm fit enough to run :-)


  • It's definitely a walk, it's on the flat, nicely paced.


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