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Thames Walk today in London raising awareness for Vasculitis and Vasculitis UK


This is Jacqui Danni Antony family friends just before they set off this morning walking the Thames Riverside walk. They have all completed the walk and are having a beer aby the Tower of London :-)

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Well done to you all.xx

JacquiMVolunteer in reply to Jane1175

Thank you :-) x

Congratulations to all. Bet that beer tastes good today too......

JacquiMVolunteer in reply to graham666

Thank you and yes it did Graham :-) x

Well done Everyone !

JacquiMVolunteer in reply to RosieK

Thank you very much :-) x

I echo, all the above comments, bl--dy well done the lot of you!


JacquiMVolunteer in reply to AndrewT

Thank you :-) x


well done! (did you drink in weatherspoons?)

JacquiMVolunteer in reply to hamble99b

Thank you.

No, we found a place called the kitchen@Tower which is attached to a church, which I can't remember what it's called now but it claims to be the oldest church in the city of London. It had a small garden which provided some much needed shade and the food looked pretty good too although all we wanted was a cold beer!

The staff were really nice and the waiter gave us 25% off our bill to celebrate our walk then the Director came out and donated £30! How wonderful is that :-)

I am hoping I can arranged a VUK 'garden' lunch (they are only open until 7.00 pm) there later in the summer when those who would want to come along can meet up, hold raffles, raise funds etc and have some fun in the sun.

I will be contacting them today to see if I can arrange something like that. Watch this space ;-)

JacquiM :-)


Sounds ideal. I love the tower.

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