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South East London North West Kent Vasculitis Support Group Meeting Saturday January 19th.

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John will give a presentation "Vasculitis, Past Present and Future" Both John and Jacqui will be available to answer any questions... :-)

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Looking forward to it :)

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Me too :-)


I joined just recently and would have loved to come. Unfortunately I have to work and can not attend. I moved to London 2 years ago. I was diagnosed last year in June (WG).

My question: How often do you have those group meetings?

It would be great and helpful to meet some people :-)


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John_MillsAdministrator in reply to swissy86

Jacqui has these meetings about 3 0r 4 times a year :-)

Thanks! I hope I can make it next time :-)

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Hi swissy86. Sorry for the delay in replying and sorry you are unable to attend this time.

We tend to hold meetings every 3 months usually on a Saturday morning. I do hope you are able to make the next one. Once we have decided, as a group, the date of the next one it will be posted on here and VUK facebook page :-)


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Hi swissy, the next meeting of the SELondon/NWKent meeting will be held on Saturday 23 Feb at 9.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m. If you are interested in coming along please let me know and I'll send you the address of the venue

Jacqui :-)

This post is rather old. Are there meetings still held in the South East ? I did go to some a while ago and then did not get any further info. on future meetings.

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John_MillsAdministrator in reply to Kentish_Man

Sadly, not at the moment..Jacqui has had to step down due to health reasons... but there are discussions to restart the North London group. There is a support group meeting in Hastings next weekend if this is useful to you ???

Thank you. Regrettably not at the moment. But I will look out for future dates when I might be able to attend.

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